bensonderskov - Minimalist TouchBar preset with Spotify integration (scrub-bar, now playing, etc.)

Minimalist preset with Spotify integration (scrub-bar, now playing, etc.)

Been creating my own personal preset, thought I would share it.

My preset started out with "Touch Bar Done Right" by @iAmWaldo

It doesn't have as many features as other presets, it's meant for information at a glance.
I like being able to see what's currently playing, so that's mostly what this preset shows.

It's meant to work with the macOS Control Strip off.


  • Tap the replaceable logo to quickly access Finder
  • Hold CTRL or tap the left divider to get access to the stock touchbar
  • Hold ALT+SHIFT for Emojis
  • See what's currently playing on Spotify (long press to open Spotify)
  • Scrub-bar to see progress or scrub through your music currently playing (with credits to @fidgetspinner for his iTunes scrub-bar, that I made work with Spotify)
    Player Controls for iTunes & Youtube (including slider widget for scrolling through track)
  • See current date and time (long press to open Calendar)
  • Play buttons on the right side, for easy access
  • Tap the right divider to access clipboard
  • Battery widget
  • Swipe with 2 fingers to change the volume of macOS
  • Swipe with 3 fingers to change brightness



I added this to my touch bar; however the media slider goes away if I quit spotify, and if I open spotify and play something, it doesn't appear. I have to manually show it through better touch tool there anyway to keep it on the touch bar at all times?!?