Improve Current Day Widget by allowing to show only current event and the next event

Currently the Day Widget has these options:


What I wish was added was a new option that would show the current event running and the next event that will happen from my calendar. If there is no current event running then only show the next event that will happen.

That would be incredibly useful for me and would be the option I would love to use the most.

Optionally it would be nice if you could color the current event with a color to quickly see which event is current and which is next.

Thank you.

It would also be great if the next event turned red when it was happening in 5 minutes or less from the starting time. The 5 minute timeout to red can be set by user.

Is it possible to have a widget that only shows current event that is running?

On second thought, existing widget is not so bad. And if anything I can program this use case on my own. :slight_smile:

There will be a much better widget soon I almost finished it but didn't get a chance to release it yet. (I'm a bit overloaded with various things currently - will be back 100% on BTT very soon.)


Very lovely. Can't wait to try it out. :heart:

I am curious if the update with the changes have already been released? I am most excited about hopefully being able to hide No More Events message when there are no events. So the widget becomes empty. Less noise. :slight_smile:

Is there any ETA on the release of the update? :slight_smile:

I am most curious if it will include customizing the No events available message. As I would like to set it to empty.

As I got no reply :frowning: I am still curious if it's possible to remove the No More Events from showing up. It would clean up my TouchBar nicely. :heart:

I'll be back very soon! Work in progress and alpha features
The customizable widget should be released before the end of the year.

Apologize for asking it, perhaps it was already released. You mention there would be a release before the end of the year. Was the updated widget released?

I am specifically wanting to remove the No More Events from showing up. Thank you.

Oh it's there. Amazing. Thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg :heart_eyes_cat:

Ive been waiting for the ability to look forward x number of days for NEXT event. Many of my events are days, even months away and would like to see them.

Is it useful to see events that are days and even months away on your TouchBar at all times though?

At all times? Not at all times, only when I view my events. I create calendars for sports schedules, and am able to see when the next game is.

Currently the BTT widget will only display TODAYS next event, so it will often look like this. (very informative isn't it) LOL

My own coded sports calendar widget shows next even no matter how far in the future.

Setting a custom timeframe for event "look ahead" is definitely coming very soon. I have implemented it almost completely, it should be in the next version later this week.

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Very happy to see this, looking forward to ditching my code. I will be all over this in hopes to duplicate what I currently have, I ask for advanced forgiveness... :slight_smile:

The 3.222 alpha allows to select the number of days to look ahead for the next event widget :slight_smile:

I see it, although its not working correctly.

CUBS EVENT Example: The date displayed is Today, yet the events are not in my calendar for today, the event is in February. Its not showing the correct date of that event it found. I also added the {date} tag to be sure it wasn't just the "show date" icon.

Ah sorry had the wrong date variable linked. It should show the correct one in 3.224 alpha (available in a few minutes.)