GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread



Could you perhaps add a config-feature so that we can use our own API's / weather service?

FWIW: icalBuddy running on iTerm2 is fixed - install the latest beta -


A common problem with forum-linked creations. We have no way of alerting users of an update unless they subscribe to the thread.

I usually put the version number in the thread, and when updating i change this first.

Then, with the new version number in the title, I comment and this should alert the subs through email as the post mentioned in the email has a newer version number. Not sure if people are aware of this as I don't mention to sub to the thread or anything...


I have now reduced to the number of calls dramatically by doing some server side caching.

If you want to use a different weather service I'd recommend to use a custom shell script widget like in the older GoldenChaos presets


I've had my 2017 MBP for a year now and came across this tool & preset last night. Finally, my touch bar is useful. I would like to thank @GoldenChaos for the amazingly detailed work and the community for it's feedback in help building this tool. I've set a reminder to buy you a few coffees on Friday.


Thanks for this brilliant tool! ¿Can I suggest iTerm,Terminal...etc tab integration like the browser tab?


This is definitely something I’ll explore for a future version. My current priority list for the next “major” version includes a new settings UI using a floating HTML view and expanded app support. So, for the expanded app support, I definitely would love to hear from people what apps they’d love to see implemented. You can expect them to be just like the Browser Tabs widget, in that they’ll show up as a selectable menu bar icon when the app is open, and go away when the app is closed.

Off the top of my head:

  • Adobe suite
  • iWork/iLife apps
  • Final Cut/Logic
  • IDEs
    • Coda
    • Xcode
    • Sublime Text
    • Atom? VS Code?
  • Terminal and terminal apps
  • Photos
  • News
  • Messages (I want to see if I can make “send with effect” controls for Mac, I saw a simbl plugin that did it...)
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Email clients
  • yeah my brain decided to go for a walk right about here but this is a good starting list :joy:


A VSCode vote from me!



Yeah def a VSCode/Atom integration :slight_smile:

  • IDEs
  • ITerm2
  • Slack
  • (Cisco's) Webex
  • Spotify
  • Fanastical2
  • Carrot Weather
    Note: Already excellent support for the last three items
    A big Thank you to Mr Chaos and Andreas. My only regret is that I haven't had the opportunity to show off my pimped out toolbar to my colleagues.
    [Edit: Forgot two items]


Hey! Thanks for your great job!

Battery level for AirPods is not working. :frowning:
Can we fix that?

upd: and a little thing: when airpods is connected, volume up button in primary menu bar is blue and when i press and hold this button it has behaviour like a bluetooth button (it opens "connectivity actions" group). Is it okay or it' not working correctly?


Omni-group stuff (they offer a 14 day full trial on all their apps) maybe?

Omnifocus, Omnioutliner, Omnigraffle, Omniplan.


The volume up button is supposed to do that, yup! That way you can still see BT connected status even if you're not using one of the special "connect to" menu bar buttons.

Battery level for AirPods is working just fine for me. Can you share a screenshot of your Connectivity Actions widget?


Notifications somehow are not working for me... Ive tried rebooting, etc but no luck.
Also, is there a way to make your presets give priority to the built in Touch Bar from Mac in certain cases? for instance, I prefer the MacBooks built in Touch Bar for safari (mainly aesthetically bcs of the little tags and also due to the keyboard with auto correct and the emojis.) I find it a bit tedious to have to close it every time I switch to safari and reopen every time I want it to work with a specific app. Is it possible to make it switch like it does in the native Touch Bar from Mac (where it interacts with the supported apps).


by the way im running the latest version of BTT and Mojave


you can "disable BTT for current application" --- then in the future, whenever you switch to that application you get the default toolbar of that app.

I have this for Notes and for Word.


How about an easy-to-install Pomodoro timer?

I've just install this one

...but, my goodness, it took a lot work to get it working (see

...and I'm still struggling to get it to work on re-boot.


Why thank you! So in theory I just need to switch to that app where I want the default toolbar and click disable BTT for Active app? so far it works great! thank you kindly.


I've recently had a problem with every time I start up BTT, automator also opens. This is happening with a completely clean install as well. It happened on high sierra and mojave for me. Anyone know of a fix to keep it from opening when I open BTT?


Seems like the tab viewer was causing the problem. Any way around this?


Hello, I recently upgraded to version 2.641 and now the play/pause is not working correctly. In past versions, when music was playing it would show a pause button ( || ) but now it only shows a play button at all times ( ► ). Pressing the button toggles between playing and pausing fine, it doesn't show the current state correctly. Is this a known issue? Any fix? Thanks.