"Extending the Finder Context Menu" issue

I'm using Macbook Pro M1 max 16 inches 2021 / MacOS Ventura 13.6.7 / BTT 4.566

I have been trying the new configuration for extending the finder context menu. It is a great feature.

After trying some triggers, I have removed them all. Then I see a new item with an alert icon with the text "You haven't configured any context menu items in BTT…" like the screenshot below.

Is it possible to remove/disabled this menu item alert if no context menu item is configured in BTT?

in that case you currently need to disable the BTT Finder extension in System Settings.

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Hallo Andreas,

works fine...
Suggestion: can we have the icon in white, it is hard to see otherwise...


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I raised a specific issue for this just now:

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