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I've been having trouble with my implementation of play/pause buttons that change icons (from GC-BTT, used with permission), so it would be great if the Now Playing widget had a 'Play/Pause Icon Only' Option, or a new widget be made for this.

:arrow_forward: Play: When media is playing.
:pause_button: Pause: When media is paused.
:play_or_pause_button: Play/Pause: When no media is playing / unrecognised or unsupported media player

It would be great if these icons are customisable!

Edit: It would also be great to have a ‘hide when no media is playing’ option
Edit 2: also great if icons are customisable like the weather widget.

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Play Button Troubles
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Play Button Troubles

I was just thinking this, I have an implementation which uses applescript, but one which uses the mac notification center like the now playing widget would work much better!


Most of us use applescript with application APIs or BTT’s now playing variables but these aren’t all that stable and since they need to update every 1s or so they’re not that efficient..

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I'm sorry, I couldn't finish that for the alpha. However there might now (in v2.661 be a hacky way to achieve this at least partially:

It's not customizable and also doesn't have the Play/Pause option, but at least it can show a play and a pause icon like this: image image

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I'll check that out, thanks!

EDIT: I can't seem to update to the alpha. It's returning an "Update Error!" window