GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

Hi again - just a general question: wondering what the expected battery impact of running BTT TouchBar may be, and in particular, the GC-BTT setup? Might be a better question overall for @Andreas_Hegenberg but thought others might be interested. Apologies if covered before.

completely depends on the scripts you are running and how often they are running. A static custom Touch Bar without many scripts will have very little impact. I haven't done benchmarks with GoldenChaos or similar yet.

@GoldenChaos I aplogize this may be a little long, but I recorded a video showing the process where I upgraded to the latest version and its still not working. Hopefully this helps!

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Well, I'm convinced. Thank you for that video, that was incredibly helpful. I'll have some time later today to see if I can reproduce the Spotify issue, but this may be an @Andreas_Hegenberg thing since I'm using built-in BTT functionality to detect play/pause states.

As for the upgrade path three things!

  1. First, you probably noticed that the upgrade instructions are slightly different for the experimental version. I did change the text of that button, and there's no progress bar anymore. The upgrade instructions will be updated once this becomes the new stable release, because until then I might change where the button is, its text, other design/UX things, etc.

  2. Second - and getting to the root of why upgrading didn't work - it seems like you never actually set any settings, which is why everything in the window is turning red. That means there are no settings to restore, which means you never used the GC-BTT Settings menu on your previous version. Since you manually edited these widgets with the BTT Preferences window, I can't track and restore those changes. If you do need to manually edit a widget for whatever reason, and don't want to lose it when upgrading, copy it into your preset. It won't work with any of the settings switches anymore, but you'll be able to keep your modified version between upgrades.

  3. Finally, I'm still working on making the window initialize properly so people don't see all that red stuff - I want the window to set the default settings for you if it doesn't find anything set. I thought I fixed that, actually, but I guess not. A workaround is to click the "Default Settings" preset and let it load - you should see all the switches stop being red and set to their proper settings after just a second or two. Then you can set your preferred settings again, and they will absolutely last between upgrades.

I will make it much more clear in the future upgrade instructions that only settings set through the GC-BTT Settings window can be restored. This is totally my fault for not communicating this properly to everyone.

As a final note to self, I need to make the design better accommodate people with scroll bars turned on.

tl;dr only settings set directly through the GC-BTT Settings window restore on upgrade, not manual edits to widgets. Looking into Spotify!

Hey, I got a weird problem my Touchbar is showing me events that are not in my calendar.
Using "icalBuddy eventsToday+1" i found this:

• Film schauen (Found in Natural Language)
url: message://
tomorrow at 09:00 - 11:00

This seems to come from Siri Suggestions as far as I can see.

Is there a way to only show events that are actually shown/entered in my calendars? I'd like to keep Siri suggestions enabled


Use another now playing widget, returning blank with {PauseShowPlay}{PlayShowPause} elements to make a play/pause button. Since the NowPlaying widget is working this may work better for you.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, It would be nice to be able to customise the icon for that further! (or make a new “dynamic play button” widget)

I think using the current BTT versions you can use CAGs to achieve performant custom play/pause buttons:

Interesting... Will check that out, but a seperate widget would be great :wink:

@GoldenChaos Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and respond in detail! That all makes much more sense now that I have a better understanding of how it works and where things are saved. For now I think I'm going to revert back to the backup I have, and then once the next major version is released I'll take the time to re-create my edits into a seperate preset so that future upgrades will be easier :slight_smile: In the mean time, I'm happy to test any new builds once you think the play/pause issue is fixed! Thanks again!

Hi there, this is awesome. Just downloaded last night and loving it.

One thing that I think it has caused, my dedicated GPU is stuck "on" ever since installing, because a background process I've never seen before is now running: "screencaptureui".

I'm on 10.14.3 and running your latest stable release.

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I can't think of anything in my preset that uses such a process. It could be an issue with BTT itself. If you completely uninstall my preset, then restart your computer, do you still see the issue?

@sdschramm the next experimental build will have play button fixes! Just a heads up that I have been working on it :smile:

I have new media keys coming using @Andreas_Hegenberg's suggestion, but I think the Spotify issue is unrelated and that I've figured out how to fix it.

I think you accidentally didn't give BTT permissions to control Spotify:

Make sure that's checked, or I'm guessing BTT won't know if Spotify is doing anything. If that's already checked for you, let me know!

@GoldenChaos - I took a look and all options under BetterTouchTool are already checked (including Spotify). I'll be on the look out for the next experimental build to test it out!

It may have already been explained, but I can't find it: What are the Hide, Show and Refresh triggers for in the "others" tab?
Thank you.

They power the settings menu! If you remove them, settings will stop working :stuck_out_tongue:

Secret tip: you can actually call those triggers in your own custom scripts, and automate your GC-BTT customizations! :open_mouth: there isn't a HUGE reason to do this, since the settings menu kind of does it for you, but you could!

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So if I don't use the settings, can I delete all the triggers without affecting the widgets?
I prefer to customize the touch bar from the program directly rather than from the touchbar itself :sweat_smile:.
Thank you

I really don't recommend it. They don't do anything unless they're called, and you're more likely to break something by removing them. My suggestion is that if you want to customize GC-BTT, use the settings menu first, then make any additional changes manually - and, as a rule of thumb, don't mess with the triggers. When you set up GC-BTT through its own settings menu, I can track those changes and restore them when you upgrade. I can't do that when you make manual edits inside BTT, especially to the triggers, which form the backbone of a lot of the smart stuff the preset does in addition to all the settings.

If you prefer a window instead of the Touch Bar settings menu, check out the new experimental version! I moved everything to a window :smiley:

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Loving the latest update.

Just a few things:

First time after I install a new version, pressing the keyboard shortcut to bring up the settings window sort of fails. I get the chrome of a window but no content. It also when dragging it around, glitches a lot. If I close this window and reopen it, then it works fine.

Some of the options seem to have a slightly dark red background before I toggle them?

AirDrop and Show Finder when set to "Off" don't show the blue highlight for the active option.

The Show settings window toggle doesn't seem to do anything?

Also, please could you add support for Amphetamine. I know you have the Caffeinate button but if it could integrate with the app on my Mac that I already use for that function it would be excellent.

I'll post more if I find them. Also please don't take this post as criticism. I love your work and it's amazing. Just posting to help make it even better!


Two questions; when I get the "Unread email" notification I can tap on it and it takes me straight to mail. But I cannot get it to work with the others (messages/whatsapp) so I now use the long press option.

And is it possible to adjust the bluetooth headset beats button to go for my P5 bowers & Wilkins? Or does this have to do with the special chip in the beats and AirPods?

Thanks in advance and a big thank you for all your work!!!

Hi golden, first thanks for your great work, finally i find some useful touchbar scenarios
i started to modify your preset then i have problems with night shift

i changed btt predefined action to run applescript, because i cant find btt modifies which value


tell application "System Preferences"

reveal anchor "displaysNightShiftTab" of pane id ""

tell application "System Events"

tell tab group 1 of window 1 of process "System Preferences"

click checkbox 1

end tell

end tell

end tell

then i used this script to check which setting active


tell application "System Preferences"

reveal anchor "displaysNightShiftTab" of pane id ""

tell application "System Events"

tell tab group 1 of window 1 of process "System Preferences"

tell checkbox 1 to if value is 1 then return true

end tell

end tell

end tell

btt sees correct result but not changing alternate color for icon

Any solutions for this?

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