Detect which monitor the cursor is on and use that to decide which to move to

I'm seeing no traction on other similar questions, so I'm starting another:

I'd like to implement [at least 1 of] 2 different solutions to the problem of "Where's my pointer? How do I get it on the screen I'm looking at?"
Solution 1:
A gesture that behaves differently depending on which monitor your mouse is on

This would allow users to define 2 or 4 gestures for Move Right/Left or Move Up/Down and the action would place the pointer on the center of the "next monitor in that direction.

Solution 2:
An edge detect gesture for each monitor edge that borders another monitor with each calling a disparate action

This would allow users to make entire monitor edges transition to another monitor when only part of the edges (or even no part of the edge) connect.


Can I create a bounty for help resolving this need?

Update please?