Detecting cursor moving over the edge of screen

Hey there!

It's been a while but BTT is still my primary-must-have on any Mac, and I've encountered another case that could perhaps be aided with BTT help.

Currently, I've such setup with displays: image

Due to resolution issues, it is not possible for me to arrange them in a way that they will be arranged the same on my desk, and in the arrangement tool. I don't want to drag them around just so they can stick edge-to-edge because it will feel weird when actually moving mouse over it.

And I guess, that if it was possible to detect edge of the screen (similar to cursor-over-touchbar functionality) maybe it's possible to move mouse to particular screen upon entering screen edge?

Example: when I have mouse on the left edge in primary monitor (the one with the bar) I would like the mouse to go on the left screen, and vice versa.

This would require a trigger that recognizes edge touches on specific displays, edge detection only wouldn't be powerful enough.

This definitely can be done, but it's not completely trivial. I'll think about this. (BTT already has bottom / top edge detection, but not for specific displays)

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Sure thing! That would be great, once you know let me know if you think it's worth the effort, cheers :slight_smile:

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