🦠 CoronaVirus COVID-19 Statistics in TouchBar

Are you interested in having the CoronaVirus COVID-19 Statistics in your country on the MacBook Pro touchbar?
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PRESET DOWNLOAD: K2 CoronaVirus.bttpreset (615.4 KB)
Updated: 05/28/2020

  1. Added Global Cases Field (Optionally enable this field in group manually).
  2. Changed some font spacing/formatting.

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I made the "CoronaVirusCountry" to a variable "USA" (on MAIN BUTTON), You need to EDIT that FIELD in the AppleScript for that main button if you would like data from another country. So you enter your country code ONCE, and it would apply to all the button widgets for data values (ie. Cases, Deaths, Mortality Rate, etc.) Enter country name or country ISO 3166-1 code. (ie. "USA", "GB", "GBU", "DE", "DEU")

Country Codes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_3166_country_codes#Current_ISO_3166_country_codes

License: COVID-19 Tracker CLI is Developed by Waren Gonzaga and Ian Vizarra licensed under GNU General Public License v3 Novel COVID API

I am ! :wink:

What is the source for the data?

Data Source: https://disease.sh

I think you should be careful with that. Worldometers does not allow usage of their data without payment, I had looked into that a while ago. But maybe giving instructions on how to access the data is fine :wink: I'd not publish a complete widget though as that might violate their copyright.

Does John Hopkins or Bing.com doesn't have an API for the maps they show with all country specific numbers?

Thanks for that FYI...



COVID-19 Tracker CLI is licensed under MIT - https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Posted my sample code on Original Post.

Good day, i hope you're staying safe....i'm really interested in this, but i don't know how to implement the code you pasted, could you help me with the instructions, please, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey ! I'm totally new to this, do I only have to paste that in apple script ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

PRESET in Original Post...

Oh... Ok I feel stupid :sweat_smile: It was late in my country when I posted. Thanks a lot !!

New Code / Preset posted in Original Post. Seems the tracker is down or URL has changed. If you have blank data or errors, try the updated preset.

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Updated: 04/18/2020
Notes: Changed some font spacing/formatting. Added "optional" country code display (pictured above).

Working on an update... Anyone have any requests for any features or fields you would like added?

Current Fields/Values Included:
Total Cases, Total Deaths, Mortality Rate%, Today Cases, Today Deaths

Other Available Data Fields NOT DISPLAYED:
Critical, Recovered, Recovery %, Active, Cases/Million

Also, in the near future, I hope to have the ability to narrow down results based on STATES.

hi. I put in the code for New Zealand (ISO 3166-2:NZ), which is where I live. It didn't work, this happened. it happened when I typed the words New Zealand as well.

this is the coding:

just realised that my country is getting pretty much no cases anymore (like 1 a week). could this be why?

Looks like the code: NZ works. Show me your output on Touch Bar.

what do you mean by 'output on touchbar'? this?

I changed to "NZ" and get the below.

just 'NZ'? not New Zealand? Ill try that...

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