🦠 CoronaVirus COVID-19 Statistics in TouchBar

ahh, that worked. just a suggestion: if you are able to, change it from NZ to New Zealand. I think most people would type New Zealand rather than NZ.

Exactly why using the country code is important.

"Enter country name or country ISO 3166-1 code . (ie. "USA", "GB", "GBU", "DE", "DEU")"


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is there a code for the whole world, so I can see the cases worldwide?

Its possible, but this code was not designed for Global data. I can add a field for Global CoronaVirus cases along with your local country.

Like this...

yeah how do I get that?

Updated preset in original post now.

Updated: 05/28/2020

  1. Added Global Cases Field (Optionally enable this field in group manually).
  2. Changed some font spacing/formatting.
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Thank you!
It is really helpful for me!

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Who knew I would have to expand the cells. Unfortunately, the US and a few others have been complete failures controlling the spread.

FYI: You can change the "FIXED WIDTH" of the Global Cases to something like 90 (default was 80).

This preset is amazing, thank you so much!

I was wondering if it would be possible to have some kind of selection button, which lets me select a country from a list that I predefined, and then changes the variable to that country. Do you know what I mean?

Or if that's too complex, at least to have the option to long press the widget showing the cases for the specific country, and then be prompted to enter a new country code :slight_smile:

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I have actually been testing some code that would allow you to enter the country code/name, it want to have it in a list, might be realized this month.

Thanks for the support!

I added a LONG PRESS action to the Main button (COVID CASES) and Country button on the CoronaVirus full details view. Long Press the main display button and enter your country name or ISO Country CODE. example: Hong Kong = HK

I also added a SHORT PRESS action on the Country button in the full display. This short tap action will open the Webpage of Country Codes.

POSTED UPDATED Download to original post.

Wanted to do a list/selection box, but AppleScript is pretty limited and figured best to allow TEXT entry instead. Long press Country to set, short tap county name brings up URL for country codes.

Thanks a lot, this is awesome! :slight_smile:

Glad you like it, let me know if you find any bugs.

Is this still working, because I cannot get any stats

What Country / Code name are you entering?

Hey @K2DesignLab is there a way I can download this or use this on my new mac book pro, very new to all this new touch bar features.

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Hey! I know this post was created a few months ago but I can't seem to find the preset download. There isn't a download button and I can't seem to find the ORIGINAL post. PLz help!

I did remove the download temporarily. I didn't see much/any support for this preset, and had to move my resources and time to other projects the support my family. Im sure you can understand.

I understand kind of. Does it cost money to keep it up? Why aren't you able to give me a link to the preset? Would love to understand!

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