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Does it show the {icon} placeholder on the Touch Bar or doesn't it show anything where the icon should be?

Shows no icon or placeholder. When placeholder is removed from code, the icon is shown (centered left like normal), not where I am placing it on line 1

I just tried to create a script that inserts a icon using the {icon} placeholder but it still seems to work fine here :-/
Can you reproduce this with any Apple Script widget? Are you sure it's not black icon on black background or something like that?

I haven't installed the supplemental update to macOS yet, will do that this night.

Looks like its the color. The icon is there, but its black. font color setting set to white. Icon does show white when visible before script runs, then turns black.

I colored background of button and bingo, I see it, but its not colored.



I think this has always been like this (there was no easy way to automatically change the color for icons when inserting them into a title, thus I didn't implement it).

Are you sure this worked before with the black icon?

100% worked before.

Shown here: 🦠 CoronaVirus COVID-19 Statistics in TouchBar

very weird, the system must have done some automatic coloring then at some point.

I'll look into this, maybe I can figure out a good way to programatically change the color for these icons. For now I'd recommend to change the color of the icon manually.

"change the color of the icon manually" ?

Did you mean color it using photoshop, or programmatically?

Photoshop :slight_smile:

@Andreas_Hegenberg is there a way to implement the way the application pock shows current selected app just like the dock?

Check out the dock widget inside BetterTouchTool! If I get you right you should find everything you wish for there, including the running indicator dots :slightly_smiling_face:

@Caliguvara ive been messing with it! the only thing missing is the fact that it doesn't highlight the current running app in gray like the first picture i posted. this is how i have mine currently

it activates with control down

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I'm just discovering the menubar item function this evening, but it won't show up for some reason :frowning: is there a doc somewhere? macOS 10.14.6

FYI... Im sure you already know this.

yes sorry, had to pull that apple silicone BTT update because I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to publish that just yet :slight_smile:

Not sure when this started, but running current v.3.550.

  1. Select Button Icon from config panel.
  2. Opens built in "icon chooser".
  3. Press From Disk button, and the entire screen UI shifts to the right off my screen and "finder file chooser" is attached to bottom right and not easily usable unless you move UI.

interesting, maybe this is caused by a macOS update as BTT let's the system choose where to display the File Chooser. I'll have a look.

File Chooser is anchored into position, not moveable.

Thanks, you fixed this in 3.551 update today. (File Chooser is anchored into position, not moveable.)

yep I now stuck it to the main window instead of the popover (but I think the issue was caused by a macOS bug because usually the OS makes sure these dialogs stay visible - I’ll report it to Apple)

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