BLueBiRD - Big Sur Preset

Here we go! It took a bit of time to finish the Update of my PHoeNiX C4 Preset due to my final exam, but here it is! And honestly, it is gorgeous!

Quick recap what's new:

  • New, pure UI! The default icons are updated to fit macOS Big Sur and the new, magnificent UI Apple brings on your Computer! BLueBiRD is also closer on Apple's Design Principles for symbol-based toggles, by using the SF Symbols Front! You'll need it to use this Preset, so find the Font at Apple's Page right here! Or click this link to download the .dmg installer right ahead! Then just follow the instructions and that's it you're ready to go!
  • Emoji quick access Groups :partying_face::star_struck:
  • Like the macOS Touch Bar? Add a Button ⦿ to your favourite Apps to switch to it with ease! Only see it if needed!
  • Access your connected Hard Drives and Servers in the new, beautifully designed System Control group of the Dock!
  • Get your Battery Percentage and Remaining Time in the Menu Bar! Go one step further than Apple does.
  • The DDG research is now Third-Party free (it was time!) - also, the great free Messenger-wrapper Rambox that let's you use all your favourite messengers in one App is fully supported!

:arrow_down: Download me here!

Same old song, the blue Dock on the right remains there all the time!

  • Tap the clipboard drawer to see your clipboard history and to paste it without formatting! Hold it get the full power of BTT's Clipboard manager window!
  • Tap the emoji to get access to your favourite emojis! Hold it to bring up the groups!
  • The now playing group reveals itself in the all new, beautiful SF Symbols design! Access your AirPlay Devices and more right from your TouchBar!
  • The System control Group is more purified, washed away useless toggles in Big Sur. Many of them are in the great Control Center of the Menu Bar, some won't work in Big Sur and won't display anymore. Find an awesome microphone control! See if your microphone is activated in the system settings! If you're in a video meeting, just activate your microphone in the specific App (Zoom, Microsoft Teams,…) and toggle it though this button. It accesses the System Settings App and enables/disables your microphone on a system base level! The green Network Globe will turn Red if no internet connection could be found. Tunnelblick can connect you to your preferred VPN. Super handsome to connect to your Workstation if you're working from Home Office!
  • The new system Control group lets you quit apps with a tap, or bring them to front if you're holding ⌥ inside the group. Find your connected servers left of your Bootable Disk with it's Capacity information! To the right of your computer (Empire for me), you'll see your USB Sticks and Hard Drives if connected. Hit them to open them, hold them to eject them.
    The Synology icon right before the dock allows you to connect to a desired NAS. The executable script to modify is self explaining and is found in the group, write me to get help here if needed!
  • On the right of the battery icon, the new Script for the Battery information! Click it once to find a submenu with possibilities to Force Quit, Force Quit Current App, open the Activity Monitor or the Console. Right click it to fire up Coconut Battery!

List of Apps offering supplementary Touch Bar actions:

  • Anki
  • BTT
  • IINA
  • Finder
  • Website
  • Photos
  • Preview
  • QuickTime
  • Safari
  • Steam
  • Stickies
  • Website
  • Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II (yeah :stuck_out_tongue:)

List of Apps with extended functions:

  • Messages (double tap a message twice with two fingers on the trackpad to bring up the Tap Back Menu)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (export Options)

List of Default Apps that show the Touch Bar Toggle Button:

  • App Store
  • Contacts
  • Enpass
  • FaceTime
  • Finder
  • IINA
  • Keynote
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Pages
  • PDF Expert
  • Photos
  • Pixelmator
  • Pixelmator Pro
  • Preview
  • QuickTime Player
  • Reminders
  • Safari
  • Stickies

Add your own apps by modifying the conditions of the "Toggle Touch Bar" Conditional Activation Group. Just add your App and the button will appear in it too! Hint: if your macOS Touch Bar has two buttons right to your BTT (media) button, it will be at the same spot on the Touch Bar than your BTT toggle!

And much much more! Download it, play around with it, put your most important Apps and Documents into the main strip and be more productive than you have ever been!

Set up the Emoji Groups!

Unfortunately, this needs a bit of work. BTT can't export the favourite Emojis for the widget, so you'll have to copy-paste them by hand. Don't worry, I prepared everything for you, the whole preprocess shouldn't take much more than a minute.

In the Subgroups of the Touch Bar section, you'll find groups called Emoji Groups: Smileys, Emoji Groups: People, etc

From the attached Text file, copy paste the corresponding paragraph into the Favourites Emoji line of the widget inside each corresponding group.

I had to .zip the file, I cannot attach a .rtf (TextEdit) file here.
Emojis for (6.4 KB)

This is what the document looks like:

You find my personal Favourite Emojis inside, change them to whatever you want! All the other section are from the official EmojiPedia website.

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how on earth do i copy the pomodoro widget? I have gotten it working in that I have the buttons, and they do time, but the countdown does not show. How do I make the countdown show?

doesnt matter i got it

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How can you add the SF Symbols to the Better Touch Tools app after downloading for the link?

Just install the App through the .dmg and that's it. The special characters should be recognized right away.

OT: to use it for personalized buttons, copy the desired button from the SF Symbols App, and paste it as the Name of the button. Don't give it any other name, and no icon. Adapt the font size as you desire. If you want to see another description in BTT than the SF Symbol, give the action a note and check "display instead of name".
Hope this helps!

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hi @Caliguvara
how do I make the timer script play a .wav file when its done, and repeat that wav file every x seconds, until the timer is reset? this is instead of saying "its done".

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
	set remainingSeconds to get_number_variable "remainingSeconds"
	if (remainingSeconds is equal to 99999) or (remainingSeconds is equal to missing value) then --timer is not running and should be started
		set totalSeconds to 300
		set_number_variable "remainingSeconds" to 99998
		repeat totalSeconds times --count
			if (get_number_variable "remainingSeconds") ≠ 99999 then -- if the variable is 99999, that means the timer was pressed again and should be stopped
				set totalSeconds to (totalSeconds - 1)
				set_number_variable "remainingSeconds" to totalSeconds
				refresh_widget "A6ACDBDA-309B-4188-BB10-E95B0AE5D2AF"
				delay 1
			end if
		end repeat
		if (get_number_variable "remainingSeconds") ≠ 99999 then
			say "It's Done"
			execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger "9F056945-B28D-4780-B8B3-96DBDC98629D"
			repeat three times
				update_touch_bar_widget "A6ACDBDA-309B-4188-BB10-E95B0AE5D2AF" background_color "0,0,0,0"
				delay 0.5
				update_touch_bar_widget "A6ACDBDA-309B-4188-BB10-E95B0AE5D2AF" background_color "255,38,0,255"
				delay 0.5
				update_touch_bar_widget "A6ACDBDA-309B-4188-BB10-E95B0AE5D2AF" background_color "0,0,0,0"
				delay 0.5
			end repeat
		end if
	else --timer is running and should be stopped
		set_number_variable "remainingSeconds" to 99999
		refresh_widget "A6ACDBDA-309B-4188-BB10-E95B0AE5D2AF"
	end if
end tell

--thanks to @fidgetspinner for the base of the code!

Probably with the line

    do shell script ("afplay " & file_path & " > /dev/null 2>&1 &")

Not sure though, you'll have to work this one out :man_shrugging:t4:
I'd add a repeat action with a limited time in order to stop it at some point.

But with all this it might be easier to get a Pomodoro app that's Apple Script compatible. There are some for a few dollars, that might be more convenient to use.

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ive seen afplay around a lot, but i think you have to download some app for that to work. Thanks for the help

hi i really like this preset. super helpful for anki. do you have any updates on the preset by any chance? thank you!

I really like to hear this!

As you can tell by the delay of my response, the project kinda ran into a dead end - not because of BTT, but because this preset fits my personal needings so perfectly, that I didn't feel the urge to dive deeper into it.

This said, you have any special functions in mind you'd need? Adding some things (maybe as an extension in a separate preset that could just be added to BTT) should't be this difficult, depending on what you're thinking of :wink: