BetterSnapTool and MacOS Mojave


I downloaded BetterSnapTool, BST in MacOS Mojave public beta and can't get it to run. I can click the application from the Mac App Store but it doesn't open at all.

Are you working on a version that will be compatible with MacOS Mojave?


I would appreciate a reply to this as I can’t use the app that I paid for in the beta of MacOS Mojave. Thank you.


Sorry for the delay I just came back from vacation.
In general BetterSnapTool works fine on Mojave, however Mojave is still buggy in some areas (which I have reported to Apple). Please try to follow the tips posted here: BTT doesnt start in macOS 10.14 Mojave they should also work for BST.

However one note: beta software is always buggy. You shouldn't install it on your main working machine and you should definitely not expect every paid app working on a beta version of an operating system. There are many things we developers can not influence.



Thanks and welcome back!

I'll give those tips a try. I've installed Mojave on a second partition so I can always revert back to my main partition if something goes wrong. I understand what a beta is and have reported a few things to Apple as well.



I followed the tips and removed BST from the accessibility panel and re-added it and it opens now.

I just updated to Mojave and now my BST isn't working. I tried doing the solution posted here, but I couldn't find BST in the accessibility panel in the first place so not sure what to do? I have also tried removing and reinstalling BST from the app store but it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions would be helpful?!

Have you tried to restart your Mac? Sometimes the macOS accessibility database gets corrupted. In that case it needs to be recreated, which macOS should do automatically while restarting.

Yes, I have tried to restarting; a couple times in fact.

you can try this terminal command, but I'm not sure whether it still works on macOS Mojave to reset the accessibility database :-/

tccutil reset Accessibility


That seemed to do the trick, thanks!

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Was having the same issue since upgrade to Mojave, This terminal command was the only thing that worked. The stage thing is have 3 mac OS devices in home and only 1 was having issues with BST after upgrade.

Thanks for the help.


Jup unfortunately it's a very obscure bug in Mojave and only happens to a small fraction of people. I have no idea what causes it.

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This was super helpful, cheers for saving my sanity :grinning:

Thank you very much! :smile:

Deleting BetterSnapTool from the accessibility panel and starting it again solved my problem.

my environment:
macOS: Mojave
BetterSnapTool: 1.9

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This worked for me, thanks.

In Dark Mode, the script source and results text fields are unreadable, as both background and text are "dark" :frowning:

Is this a known / to-be-fixed issue?

I think you are talking about BetterTouchTool, not BetterSnap - correct?
Are you on the latest version?

Yes, sorry. Better Touch Tool.

I am facing the same issue not having BTT listed in the Accessibility pannel, "tccutil reset Accessibility" is not working, it returns "tccutil: Failed to reset database". So, I can't make BTT to work once I upgrate to Mojave.

Do you know about something else I can try to add BTT to the Accessibility list ?