Alt Drag move/resize window with mouse and modifier key Alt±Shift

Hi. I would like to achieve functionality that allows me to resize a window by clicking (Ideally MMB) and dragging while holding down the Alt key. I know this feature is more common on Linux systems. For instance htere is third-party application like "Alt-Drag" (available on GitHub).
But I belive it can be achieved natively, with the help of BTT only.
As I ma not advanced user of the BTT I have a question if anybody could guide me a little to get the AltDrag functionality?

Probably you can do it by recording two left click actions, one that triggers on mouse down and one that triggers on mouse up. The mouse down one you assign "Start Resizing", for the mouse up one "Stop Resizing":

Here an export of that example:
exported_triggers.bttpreset (1.9 KB)

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Finally I have changed Opt to Fn and it works really fine.
I was not aware it is so easy!
Thank you Andreas :slight_smile: