Triple Click vs. Double Click

"The "Normal Mouse" section now allows to record double and triple clicks"

Nice, but how can a triple click prevent a double click from being triggered?

you can't, for clicks the previous ones always happen - everything else would probably lead to chaos :slight_smile: It's more for situations where a click doesn't cause any side effect, or where you explicitly want to trigger something on third click.

If it's a click with modifier keys, you could maybe add a double click with the same modifier and assign no action to it.

Ok, then there is no way to use time as a variable?

Double click: Two clicks in a row in a given (short) time

Triple click: one click ... short pause ... double click.

no, currently it's using the system default click intervals. It just allows to perform something when the system detects a double or triple click (some mice might also support quadruple clicks)

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