AirPods Information and connection for Macs without TouchBar 🥳

Hi you all,

So, for quite a time now the compact AirPods widget with user friendly setup is out now, natively integrated into my own Preset as well as @yuuiko's AquaTouch.
This thing works great, allowing you to connect your AirPods without big setup trouble like before.

And now, I'm glad to tell you that the script is adapted to make it work without the Touch Bar :partying_face:

So, a two finger slide down (starting outside the trackpad) checks the AirPods status. This is what happens if they are disconnected.

And once they are connected…

If you disconnect them for any reason you'll get a little confirmation notification.

Voilà. Overall no big deal, just finally a solution for those who would like to display these information for any reason outside of the Touchbar :slightly_smiling_face:

If you import this through the Preset in BTT the actions should appear at the top of the list in the Trackpad section.

Have a super great time everybody!!
AirPods Status.json (10.8 KB)