How to get notified when connecting to a bluetooth device?

Hi. When I connect to Airpods/Airpods Pro/Beats, can I get a notification saying: Connected to (device name). Battery: L: _ R: _? And also when disconnected say: Disconnected from (device name).
Similar to @Caliguvara's AirPods Information and connection for Macs without TouchBar 🥳, except only triggers when connecting and disconnecting.

Check the named and other trigger, there should be the toggle you're looking for

is it the 'recieve distributed notification' button? how do I make it trigger when a bluetooth device connects..? im not good at this kind of this sorry...

Crap, my bad, I mixed it up - got confused and took the "when App launches" for "when Bluetooth device connects" :flushed:

I will add a trigger for bluetooth connection events with the next version



Andreas, so did we have that already possible? ("trigger for Bluetooth connection events")? or should I anyway intercept distributed notification?

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