Ableton Live Touch Bar 2.0

Hi guys!

I decided to share with you an updated version of my Ableton Live Touch Bar preset.

You still can find the first version under the link:

I started to use BTT after downloading Ableton BTT preset from
Soon enough I realized, that it's far from the Ableton TouchBar of my dreams. I started to build my own TouchBar based on the one from Patches. Now only "Record", button is remaining.

I added some buttons for functions which are most commonly used in my workflow. Also there is a browser for loading FX and Instruments. VST browser is also included but it provides only few examples of buttons to make it easier for you to create your own, so feel free to adjust everything to your needs.

Every button that loads a device (fx/ instrument/ plugin), just triggers following actions:
1.Command + F (activates search in Live's browser);
2.Type in the name of the device;
3.Press arrow down in order to select the result of search (sometimes one arrow down is not enough because the device does not appear in the first row of search results);
4.Press Enter to load the device on the selected track;
5.Press Escape in order to exit the search.

Knowing this algorithm, you can edit this preset easily.

That's how it looks like:

Let me talk about it's functions.

-Button with EQ icon loads an EQ Eight to your track.
-Next button is a shortcut for Compressor.
-Button with a green "A" at the bottom loads Tuner to a track.
-Button with a little knob icon loads Utility.
-Button with yellow waveform icon loads Sampler. Hold shift, and it will become blue. That means Simpler instead of Sampler.
-This yellow snaked button is a shortcut to an LFO. But in order to make it work, you have to choose your preferred LFO device and create a preset named "THEONEANDONLYLFO".
-External Instrument Button

-"Rack" Button is a shortcut for cmd+G, and if you hold shift it will act as cmd+a -> cmd+ shift which I found useful for deleting all devices from a track.
-A snowflake is "Freeze" button. Long press on it and it will unfreeze track back.
-Next button is "Flatten".

FX group opened (It's Scrollable):

*Conv Reverb button searches for a preset called "THEONEANDONLYCONVOLUTIONREVERBPRO"

Instruments group opened:

MIDI group opened:


*You can populate this group by copying existing examples and changing the keywords.

Have Fun!
Ableton Touchbar.bttpreset (1.3 MB)

Hi man, first thanks for the preset it's really helpful! Then little problem is that your icons appear zoomed on my touch bar so the eq and comp icons look just like big blurry lines, if you know how to fix that it'll be awesome! Lastly this got me so hyped that I want to use your concept and adapt to my style but I have no idea where to start... Could you give me leads and advices on creating/modifying btt presets?

Hey !
I'm late to the party but I have the answer for your request... It may help other ppl so I put it here :
In order to have the icons clean and at the right size, you need to change the 'icon width' and 'icon height' settings and replace them all with these values :

  • EQ : 40 x 40

  • Comp : 50 x 50

  • Tuner : 50 x 25

  • Utility : 30 x 30

  • Sampler : 50 x 40 (same for the Simpler alternative)

  • LFO : 40 x 25

  • External Instrument : 40 x 30

Heyyyy just to say thank you—this is super helpful! (And also thank you to @pansmile for making the preset!)