Ableton Live Preset

Hi Guys!

Please note, that I made this preset on MacBook Pro 16 inch with a physical escape button. I am not sure how it's going to behave on regular sized models. But The logic behind all buttons stays the same, so I believe, you can easily adjust everything to work properly on your machine.

I started to use BTT after downloading Ableton BTT preset from Soon enough I realized, that it's far from the Ableton TouchBar of my dreams. I started to build my own TouchBar based on the one from Patches. Now only "Record", "Save" and "Save Version" buttons are remaining.

Please, notice that "Save Version" works only if you have Live Enhancement Suite installed. Anyway, you are free to implement everything as you like.

I added some buttons for functions which are most commonly used in my workflow. Also there is a browser for loading FX and Instruments. VST browser is also included but it depends on plugins that I own, so feel free to adjust everything to your needs.

-Button with EQ icon loads an EQ Eight to your track.
-Next button is a shortcut for Compressor
-Button with a green "A" at the bottom loads Tuner to a track,
-Button with a little knob icon loads Utility.
-Button with yellow waveform icon loads Sampler. Hold shift, and it will become blue. That means Simpler instead of Sampler.
-"Rack" Button is a shortcut for cmd+G, and if you hold shift it will act as cmd+a -> cmd+ shift which I found useful for deleting all devices from a track.
-A snowflake is "Freeze" button. Long press on it and it will unfreeze track back. With shift pressed, "Freeze" becomes "Flatten".

Home bar:

Home Bar with shift pressed:

FX group opened (It's Scrollable):

Instruments group opened:

Have Fun!

MyLive.bttpreset (1.6 MB)

Really nice

Amazing, I am thinking of making this for fl studio.

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