A "ghost" Nouch Bar at the bottom of the screen?

I can't remember what eg F7 does in five different apps. That's why I never used the F-Keys.

Now I built app specific icons (and actions), at the bottom of my Macbook screen. Each icon is exactly above the F-Key. So I can press the appropriate F-Keys right under the icon. This is fast and intuitive, works perfectly for me.

Here eg the set up for my browser.

I do this with Keyboard Maestro, but I would rather do it with BTT. Is it possible to have some kind of "ghost" nouch bar (a copy) at the bottom of the screen? This copy would not have to work, it only serves as a visual aid.

Maybe others will find this useful too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Currently you could get it done using the floating webview but it would need manually created HTML.

However I'm already working on extending the Notch Bar functionality for arbitrary floating bars/views - so it will soon be possible to do this.

Thank you, Andreas. This is great news! What do you mean by "soon"? April? :slight_smile:
And I promise to test this new feature and give you feedback.

I also tried the floating windows of apps like Touch Bar Simulator or Touché, but they are too short in width and they don't show the BTT Touchbar.

End of April, beta versions maybe earlier :slight_smile:

yesssssss :slight_smile: