Migrating from Touch Bar to Notch Bar

I'm in the process of retiring my 2018 MBP w/ Touch Bar. I've been able to streamline my work by using BTT to customize the Touch Bar and it will surely be missed. But that is mostly because of BTT, I didn't find it useful until BTT came along. Truly a great app!!!!

Without any other options for custom macro buttons, I'm looking at switching to a Notch Bar on my M1 MBP. I'm going through the process of copying and pasting from the Touch Bar pane to the Notch Bar pane. But I'm having trouble getting all of the buttons and groups to move over. Once I do, I noticed I have to go in and rebuild each button's appearance because those setting were not carried over.

Is there a better way to migrate from Touch Bar setting to Notch Bar settings? Or should I spend 1-2 days and start over from scratch? I imagine a lot of people will find themselves in this position since Apple has seemingly discontinued the Touch Bar.

I use this, and have BTT Show/Hide it when needed or not needed.. kinda a weird thing, but I like having some extra buttons, even if they are on-screen.. most of them are just system info using a modified version of GitHub - spagnuolocarmine/touchbar-systemmonitor: A better simple reactive system monitor on macOS for your MacBook pro. Built with Electron.

Small is right. Are you sure the Notch Bar is the right replacement for the Touch Bar for you? The Touch Bar is "touch" and the Notch Bar is "click." Those are completely different things. I also miss the Touch Bar on my new Macbook air, but would never think of replacing it with the Notch Bar. I use a visual aid (Touch Bar simulator) and the physical F-Keys. Look here.

@Small , thank you for the recommendation. I've tried this out and it's working pretty well.

Even though it's not a touch interaction, it's working out pretty well, and since it can float, it's pretty handy when moved adjacent to the current work area.