No touch bar? Waiting for stream deck support?

For those without a touch bar or those waiting for stream deck support. Why not try this (below).

With BTT and the new version of the free app Touché, you can set up anything the touch bar can do. Main groups, subgroups. Any action, universal or app specific. By pressing the F-keys or by clicking on the icon.

The advantage is you have it built-in and always with you :slight_smile:

I mean what I really want is a physical key touch bar.
While I'm waiting for that I wish someone would manufacture a stream deck that is horizontal and sits above the F keys of my laptop.

I find it such a waste all the things I could make the touchbar do. I hated the touch bar but with physical keys it would be fantastic.

Yes, that would be great. But I'm afraid no one will manufacture that for you. Therefore, the virtual touch bar (with the app Touché) directly above the physical F-keys is the solution that comes closest to this. :slight_smile:

Ah! Yes that may be true.
But check out: GitHub - FreeYourStream/freedeck-hardware: all the stuff you need to build your own FreeDeck
It is more than possible to build your own.
I just don't quite know how yet.