Will Touch OSC work with BTT Midi input (and output)?

I was looking around what to do with an old iPad and found the following video which peaked my intrest.

In the video they use Keyboard Maestro, but I was wondering if BTT would also work? I found that there was Midi support, but I don't know to what extent Touch OSC needs something from a tool like BTT. (MIDI support for input (and output))

Before diving in the deep and I thought to ask here or maybe some of you already use something like this.

I want this because at the office my laptop is on a stand, I have to reach over a lot to use the touch bar. With this I can add an I pad to my desk at a better position and make it more ergonomic.

Hi, I'm here to 1+ this. Have you had any luck?

I thought it would be straight forward, but clearly this is going to take some effort.

TouchOSC Bridge should fall into the Network category for MIDI input, but any CC message I send from TOSC is not picked up by BTT.

Only 'solution' I can currently think of is to direct TOSC through Bome MIDI Translator, which in turn channels the messages through the IAC to BTT. Unfortunately, the last time I connected BTT to the IAC (around late Spring 2020), BTT would crash. No idea if it's been fixed or not. I'll do some testing to see if it works.


No, no luck. I must confess I've not downloaded the app. I thought to ask here first before I go down the rabbit hole of figuring it all out, but this doesn't give me the confidence to get in to it.

I would have figured more people would use a tool like this, but I think just no one does.

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