Will Touch OSC work with BTT Midi input (and output)?

I was looking around what to do with an old iPad and found the following video which peaked my intrest.

In the video they use Keyboard Maestro, but I was wondering if BTT would also work? I found that there was Midi support, but I don't know to what extent Touch OSC needs something from a tool like BTT. (MIDI support for input (and output))

Before diving in the deep and I thought to ask here or maybe some of you already use something like this.

I want this because at the office my laptop is on a stand, I have to reach over a lot to use the touch bar. With this I can add an I pad to my desk at a better position and make it more ergonomic.

Hi, I'm here to 1+ this. Have you had any luck?

I thought it would be straight forward, but clearly this is going to take some effort.

TouchOSC Bridge should fall into the Network category for MIDI input, but any CC message I send from TOSC is not picked up by BTT.

Only 'solution' I can currently think of is to direct TOSC through Bome MIDI Translator, which in turn channels the messages through the IAC to BTT. Unfortunately, the last time I connected BTT to the IAC (around late Spring 2020), BTT would crash. No idea if it's been fixed or not. I'll do some testing to see if it works.


No, no luck. I must confess I've not downloaded the app. I thought to ask here first before I go down the rabbit hole of figuring it all out, but this doesn't give me the confidence to get in to it.

I would have figured more people would use a tool like this, but I think just no one does.

Actually, it works with midi messages.

It's not plug and play as BTT does not natively see the 'TouchOSC bridge' (as an audio app might).
Therefore, that needs to enable a session in the midi studio configuration on your Mac in order to connect your iPad to the virtual network, then BTT will handle the trafic.
On BTT app, in midi settings, the network checkbox has to be enabled.

I just discovered TouchOSC, I bought the mk1 app & it works nicely with an old iPad2 & my MBP16 (Intel) both wifi or usb.

Hi Jpac, would you please share a screenshot of your Audio MIDI Setup>MIDI Network Setup? Can't find a way to make it work =/

Thanks so much!

Here’s my config.
I have Session enabled in midi settings because BTT only recognizes Session (not the ”bridge” from OSCTouch)

Also, I have an issue if i connect my iPad with the 'auto-discover' device, i mean iPad with a green label.
It doesn’t establish a connection thru the ipv6 protocol. I don’t know why so i created a new iPad object with it’s own ipv4 address.
Screenshot 2022-07-08 à 11.01.22

On TouchOSC app:

You just need to open a midi connection & select the opened Session

I use USB, so I checked it in the bridge settings otherwise I enable a connection with the Mac local address (connection 1).

From there, it should work !

Now if it works but you loose the connection after a while of inactivity, you have on TouchOSC app the opportunity to send a constant midi signal in order to hold it.
This is the tricker part because you have to write a (little) script. This does not work on TouchOSC mk1, only in current app version (mk2). I was in touch with Hexler about that:

Message from Hexler (TouchOSC) forwarded from my mailbox:

  • We would likely recommend using the new TouchOSC for this, as it is in general more flexible (in many ways) than the original TouchOSC Mk1, but connectivity-wise it gives more options.
    It's easy to use Audio MIDI Network Setup in macOS to connect the two devices, and TouchOSC can use this connection in lieu of using the TouchOSC Bridge for instance.*

  • when using Audio MIDI Network Setup to create a network session between the two devices, this should keep the connection persistent, so again this is likely your best connectivity option in this scenario.*

  • Note there are some script examples in the documentation, including how to send MIDI messages from script, and how to send a periodic/timed message, so this may be helpful in your scenario as well, to send a specific timed message every so often: Script · Examples · TouchOSC | hexler.net*

Hope this helps )