MIDI support for input (and output)



It'd be awesome (and crazy, but more awesome) if MIDI would be a valid input and output.

The possibilities for those having a MIDI keyboard would be endless, starting with ditching the annoying GarageRemote to proper scripting of all the possible musical tools.

Please make it happen!

Elaborating on the "output": it'd be nice to be able to re-map some MIDI commands and fun to do MIDI actions with trackpad.


Midi Input will be added very soon. Midi output should probably also be doable, but I'll need to look into this.


Still patiently waiting for MIDI support......


Yes, patiently waiting for it too...


Some things take time :slight_smile: funny enough I managed to ditch the "proper" midi keyboard since opening this request and my current one has a very limited set of midi messages it can send. Still excited about this feature, though.


It's 2019 and we still have yet to see this feature...


Stay calm, it'll come out with MIDI 2.0


hehe sorry, I have midi support working here, but can't release it until the new UI is finished. Currently completing some freelance projects until mid February, after that I'll focus on getting the new UI released.


Thanks for the update Andreas, I know it will be worth the wait! I can wait a few more months, trying really hard not to purchase Keyboard Maestro just for MIDI support. :pray: