Version 3.202 doesn't restore touch bar after sleep

Since one of the last updates the touch bar always reverts to the system defaults. I have to restart BTT to make it work again. Is anybody else seeing this?

seems to work fine on most systems, but if not you can activate the „restart BTT after sleep“ option in the BTT settings.

I will try that setting. this used to work but it seems it broke with one of the last updates. Are there any logs or similar that may help?


I have a same problem. Often, after longer sleep, the BTT touch bar is hidden and replaced by the plain MacOS touch bar. It used to work properly but this problem started a couple of weeks ago.

previously the „restart after sleep“ option was on by default, however on most systems it works fine without restarting, thus it is no longer the default.

On some systems there seem to be timing issues in combination with the Touch Bar stuff, in that case enable the „restart after sleep“ option.

Tried that. The problem occurred even after the "restart after sleep" option was set on.

I'm having this issue as well, and "Restart BTT after wake from sleep" is checked. Usually happens after a long sleep.

New update 3.206 (1382) installed. The problem did nt go away. The screenshot shows how the touch bad was hidden after a sleep.

+1 same here. v3.206, Restart BTT after wake from sleep is checked. Show macOS control strip is unchecked. BTT touch bar routinely reverts to the system default after sleep, and this is a relatively recent problem (past 3-4 weeks).

Any fix found yet? Having the same issue.

Same here. Have it set to restart after sleep. Am running 3.200.

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