[v0.0.1] Future Preset - A clean, simple Touch Bar preset for your Mac!

Hello!!! I am very excited about this...I've gone through so much to get this preset up! I'm going to start with the thanks, so thank you to the following:
@Caliguvara, for a lot of coding help!
@Andreas_Hegenberg, also for coding help!
@K2DesignLab, for his coronavirus preset!
@yuuiko, for his help with some other coding
@GoldenChaos, for ideas and coding (plus, this preset is a personalised version of his!)
@lowrents, his stuff will hopefully come in future updates
@rishifter for coding help
and a lot more people (that honestly, i forgot)

so, to the main point.. The Future Preset!

This is the main strip.
From the left to right:

**Dock widget**

This was originally personalised to my own needs, but I've made it so it'll hopefully be useful for everyone!


Press this to open the dock strip!


The previous and next buttons need to be double-tapped for their actions. I added this script to prevent accidental song changes (which is a real pain!).
The play/pause button is currently only a pause icon, but I will change it so it switches between play and pause in future updates (if anyone knows how to do that, please let me know).
Pressing the now playing widget will also play and pause it, and long-pressing it will open the music group as shown below!

The music group comes with a slider widget which shows where you are in the song (thanks heaps, @yuuiko).
Lastly, there is shuffle and repeat buttons.

**Menu Bar (left to right)**
  • The first button opens the 'More' group as shown below:

    For the moment, this is very messy, and needs some tidying up! I'm trying to think of anything else to go in this group (so I can shorten the dock widget in this group). If you have any ideas, I'm all ears!
    Left to right:
    Dock widget.
    Connectivity Actions group:
    Note: this only works with Apple beats. If requested, I'll add an Airpods widget.
    Night shift. Tapping this activates/deactivates night shift...but long-pressing it brings up the night shift group!

    Again, I got the slider from someone, but I forgot who...
    Dark mode.
    Force quit. Tapping this brings up force quit.
    Sound output. Okay, this is a big one and requires your input if you want it.
  1. Go into the script for this (Menu Bar --> More --> Sound Output)
  2. Open the script
  3. Open System Preferences
  4. Go to 'Sound'
  5. The first one should be 'Internal Speakers' (or something of the sort). count down to the one you want it to change to, and remember that number (eg. 'James' Beats might be the fourth one from the top, so your number is 4).
  6. Open BTT again, and change 'output 2' from 6 to whatever your number is.
    Now, when you tap on it, it will rotate from Internal Speakers to your desired output.
    Call. This is currently a work in progress. Basically (hopefully), it'll have your typical call actions: mute, unmute, chat, push to talk, etc.
    Minecraft: As a Minecraft player, I use this as it has an escape button, a debug button and a fullscreen button. If there are any additional buttons that people want, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:
    Again, this Minecraft group was a preset I downloaded. Thanks to the person who made it (I forgot who)
    Coronavirus (thanks @K2DesignLab). This shows the current cases in your country.
    K2DesignLab made the "CoronaVirusCountry" to a variable " NZ " (on MAIN BUTTON), You need to EDIT that FIELD in the AppleScript for that main button if you would like data from another country. So you enter your country code ONCE, and it would apply to all the button widgets for data values (ie. Cases, Deaths, Mortality Rate, etc.) Enter country name or country ISO 3166-1 code . (ie. "USA", "GB", "GBU", "DE", "DEU")
    Country Codes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_3166_country_codes#Current_ISO_3166_country_codes
  • Beats connection. Tapping this connects and disconnects Beats headphones. Again, if requested, I can make an Airpods widget option. Long-pressing this will open the Connectivity Actions.
  • Emoji Widget. Tapping this brings up the emojis.

    As you can see, it shows the most used emojis first, then the normal emojis. It also has a 'back to start' button.
  • Clock. This shows the current time, down to seconds. It also shows the date under it. I have it in an order that is different to Americans (Day/Date/Month) as I am not American, but you can change is easily (if you need help, ask!). I am also hoping to have an analog widget showing the time, just like the iOS clock app (@Andreas_Hegenberg?) in the future.
    Long pressing the time widget shows the day of the current month:

    Tapping on a day will give you the ability to add an even for that day. I do not use this, so if there are any problems with this, let me know and I'll try my best to help.
  • Weather Widget. Shows an emoji displaying the time of day, and the temperature at the moment. Tapping on it shows the forecast for the next week and the high/low temperature for today. This is pretty much @GoldenChaos's one—only slightly edited.
  • Finally, The battery widget. This displays the battery. Tapping on this will show system information:

Touchbar Gestures:

  • Two-finger swipe right/left: Volume slider
  • Three-finger swipe right/left: Brightness slider
  • Four-finger swipe right: Brings up the secret games group!! You need to download these games first from GitHub.com, and then simply search up the name of the game. You will then need to select the application. For example, if you want to use Touchbar Flappy Bird, go into that on the BTT app and select it.

Trackpad Gestures:

  • Holding command while rotating right/left: this changes the volume. As a music producer, I find this natural (imitates turning a knob).
  • 3-finger swipe up/down: Smart zoom
  • 3-finger swipe left/right: Changes tab within Safari. I don't know if this works for Chrome or anything else, as I am a Safari user, but I think it does.
  • 4-finger tap: Enables/Disables BTT touch bar
  • 4-finger swipe left: Close currently open touch bar group. Now, this was originally a one-finger swipe on the touch bar, but it didn't work..it interrupted the sliders (now playing/night shift). If anyone has a way around this, please let my know.
    If you want to be able to close the currently open touch bar group from the touch bar, I've left 'close' buttons in each group; all you have to do it activate them (Command + D).

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Command + Shift + E: Enables/disables BTT touch bar
  • Command + Shift + W: Shows window snapper
  • Command + Shift + M: Shows menu bar in context menu

To do:

  • Hopefully add an analog clock widget
  • Tidy
  • Emoji button fix
  • Add to playlist button (Spotify)
  • Lyrics widget
  • Right click red X to quit

I think that's it!!
Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this :smiley: Much appreciated :heart:

Version History (DOWNLOAD HERE):

v0.0.1 (current):

  • Fixed the 'emoji' button so it isn't cut off with the time widget.
  • You can now right-click the 'red x' to quit an app!
    Future v0.0.1.bttpreset (38.8 MB)

Original Version:
Future.bttpreset (42.8 MB)

Aaaand you know I have to plug it.... subscribe to my YouTube channel!!!

  • I use this preset
  • I downloaded this preset to test, but don't use it
  • I didn't download this preset

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Regarding the next-previous buttons: are you able to get the double tap working consistently? I tried a script a while back but it always seemed hit and miss. If I were to avoid accidental presses, I’d instead go long press on the buttons.

Regarding the play/pause button: are you using a script widget for this? The built in now playing widget has play/pause button that toggle and you can use that widget multiple times for example just to get thumbnail or just to get play/pause for example.

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Glad to see that the help actually helped you working out what you wanted :smiley:

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So are you asking for me to add the option of long pressing the next/previous button?

My play/pause button is simply the built in BTT one, so no coding there. However, it isn't changing between play and pause... do I need to make an alternative logo (and how do I do that)?
Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks @Caliguvara. Yep, you were the main helper of this preset. Appreciate it.

Look at that, a new version already!
Version 0.0.1

What's Different?

  • Fixed the 'emoji' button so it isn't cut off with the time widget.
  • You can now right-click the 'red x' to quit an app!

Download me here:
Future v0.0.1.bttpreset (38.8 MB)

To do:

  • Hopefully add an analog clock widget
  • Tidy
  • Add to playlist button (Spotify)
  • Lyrics widget
  • Long-press an app on widget to quit it
  • Battery Warning

Thanks heaps

If you decide to install this preset, export what you have now in case something goes wrong.

No no! I was just asking if the double tap works consistently for you since it never worked okay for me. And as a suggestion, I said that long press might work better than double tap.

In the builtin player button, there are these options
{paused} {playing} {pausedShowPlay} {playingShowPause}
You can use these and perhaps the If Paused drop down to display player status.

You can also use a separate script widget to check playback status using BTT variables and change the icon/colour/text accordingly.

Depending on how you like to customise, the latter option with give you much more options.

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Yep, it works consistently for me. you can change the delay time yourself too.
I can't see to find the {paused} stuff... please explain where it is?

Have you tested with the button doing two actions, one on single tap and another on double tap? That's what I'd like to do to augment some buttons. Right now, I can have two actions on a button, tap and long tap.

I still don't quite understand what you mean sorry...

ahhhh i see what you mean... What im looking for is for my current pause button to be able to change to a play button when paused... not add a separate one in the music widget

That's exactly what those variables do!

{paused} & {playing} show paused and playing icons when paused and playing respectively.
{pausedShowPlay} & {playingShowPause}} do the reverse, so that's what you want. The only reason you'd want to use a separate widget just for these buttons is if you want to style them separately than the title of the song or put them between previous and next buttons for example.

Regarding the double tap thing: So by default, every TB button can do two things in BTT, right?

  1. On tap
  2. On long press (through named triggers)

So I have buttons that make use of that extensively. For example, the builtin play/pause always plays/pauses what macOS thinks was the last player. I've set it to always control Music.app on long press. This avoids this issue when music is playing in the background and then I find a YouTube video to watch. As soon as the video starts, I cannot use the button to pause Music.app so the long press uses AppleScript to play/pause Music.app specifically.

Since, you've got double tapping working in your setup, I was wondering if I can also perhaps use it as a third action for my existing buttons (besides tapping and long pressing). You mentioned that you use it to avoid accidentally tapping a button so you are essentially replacing taps with double taps. What I want to know is if it can be used in addition to taps ie,

  1. tap performs one function
  2. long tap second function (through named triggers)
  3. double tap performs a third one (through scripts?)

This would reduce the need for a lot of buttons on the Touch Bar (or using modifier keys to hide certain buttons). Hope it's more clear now.

Thats exactly what I've done.. I have a seperate play/pause button that is between the next and previous buttons.

Ok I understand that. Unfortunately I have no skill in the coding area, so I wouldn't know how to code that.
If I could do this, what would you suggest each action is assigned to?

I see! Frankly, I didn’t install your preset to test and am only commenting on the screenshots and descriptions since my setup is very messy and I am trying to avoid adding more stuff. I’ve so many trackpad gestures that at times I forget how to do something I’ve not done in a while.

I think a close-to-perfect setup for media controls would be:

  1. Single tap controls currently playing determined by macOS.
  2. Double tap controls an app of choice set by user, most common ones being Music or Spotify. This gives controls even when videos are playing.
  3. Long tap brings to front the user’s preferred player if it’s playing, else brings to front the player macOS thinks is recently playing.

That would be a great idea, however, I think that it would be too difficult to implement, and also difficult to remember. If you can give me coding for these, I will definitely add it as an optional addition!
Thanks for the feedback.

Well, single tap and long tap are built in to btt and you’ve figured out a way to handle double tap already :man_shrugging:So I don’t know what more might be needed to just put them all together :grinning:

Anyway, when I have time, I’ll try to download your preset and try putting them together and see if it works.

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