Using one gesture for all your window management

Using the new trigger conditions it becomes easy to use one gesture to to many things. For window snapping this is really cool because you can make a gesture execute different window snapping functions depending of the location of your mouse cursor in any window.

Here is an example which I have been using for the last few days and now I can't work without it anymore :slight_smile: . (Requires macOS 3.864).

You can download the preset here:
three-finger-tap-window-management.bttpreset (22.6 KB)

Or here: - Great Tools for your Mac!

I'm using a three finger tap to do different things depending on the mouse location:

  • Mouse over left half of hovered window: Snap to the left half of the screen
  • Mouse over right half of hovered window: Snap to the right half of the screen
  • Mouse over top left corner of the window: Snap to the top left quarter
  • Mouse over top middle area of the window: Maximize window
  • Mouse over top right corner of the window: Snap to the top right quarter
  • Mouse over bottom left corner of the window: Snap to the bottom left quarter
  • Mouse over bottom right corner of the window: Snap to the bottom right quarter

Of course this could easily be extended to any other window placement or action.

For this to work like in the video, the window snapping mode must be set to "window under cursor"

Then I have just created multiple three finger tap gestures and added conditions based on the "percent_x_hovered_win_btm_left" (this variables uses the relative position of the cursor in the hovered window, where the origin is the bottom left of the window)

This example shows the conditions for the right half. (Must be on the right 50% of the window, must not be in the top 10% of the window, and must not be in the bottom 10% of the window). The 10% areas are used for the quarter snaps, thus they need to be excluded here.

This example shows the conditions for maximize. To create a sub condition like shown here, hold the option key while pressing the plus button.

Hi is this just for trackpad or can you use it with Magic Mouse?

Can be used with any sort of trigger. I have updated the preset to make it easier to reuse. The configuration is now done with named triggers (configured in the "Automations & Named & Other Triggers" section). To use it with a Magic Mouse trigger just use the "Trigger Named Trigger" action like this ( the name of the trigger is: CursorPositionSnapping)

Updated preset:
three-finger-tap-window-management.bttpreset (22.6 KB)


This is a brilliant preset... and it equally does a terrific job demonstrating the capabilities of the new features.

Overall the improvements you have made in the last year to BTT are stunning.

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Got it working and this is awesome! Tweaked the sensitivity a bit of tap gestures and it is working like a dream.
A game changer!
A build would be 1/3 and 2/3 of screen though dont know how you would get it to do that

Which area of the window would you like to use for 1/3 / 2/3? That's not hard to add, just need to edit some of the conditions a bit :slight_smile:

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Thanks, yes I worked it and amended.
Thanks for this

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