Use Siri to trigger BetterTouchTool actions


With iOS 12 Apple introduced the Shortcuts app. It makes it easy to trigger BetterTouchTool actions using Siri (even with your Homepod) or e.g. from your iOS home screen.

Security Note:
Only use this in your local network if you are sure nobody with malicious intentions has access to your wifi. (Otherwise you'd need to enable https in the webserver, but shortcuts currently doesn't support self signed certificates)

Step 1:
Define a named trigger in BetterTouchTool and assign an action. This can be done in the "Other" tab in BetterTouchTool

Step 2:
Figure out the local ip of your computer in your network. This is either shown in the BTT Remote tab or in System Preferences => Network

Step 3
Enable the BetterTouchTool web server and enter the local IP:

Step 4
Open the shortcuts app on your iPhone and configure it like this (replace the ip with your local ip, the port with the port shown in the web server configuration and the trigger_name=test with whatever name you chose for your named trigger. In my case the url looks like this:

Now you can trigger it by saying "Hey Siri "


Thanks for sharing this! I've followed your guide step by step but I'm still unable to get it to work for some reason.

The shortcut ends up timing out after about 1 minutes. I've made sure the named trigger matches on both devices.

I've also tried replacing the "Get contents of URL" with various other actions but it still times out.

Is there anything I could check or would need to change in my macbook's sharing settings?