Use left and right modifier keys together

Hi there,

I know BTT can differentiate between left/right modifier keys, but it doesn't let me use two sides together. For example, I cannot assign an action to left-cmd + right-cmd + L key. I use Karabiner Elements for keyboard mapping, but its most recent version has a fatal bug, and if BTT had this feature, I wouldn't need KE anymore. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks! –Onur

Good idea, I think I'll be able to implement this soon - currently it's not possible though.

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Thanks for the response. That would be great. Looking forward to it! -Onur

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg. Any idea when this can be implemented? I was hoping it would be in the most recent update, but I don't think it is. Thank you. –Onur

sorry no ETA yet, I’ll need to check how to implement this in the current shortcut system, it’s a bit complicated

Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg. There's a group of us suffering from a Karabiner Elements bug, and this BBT feature, for me at least, would serve as a solution. Happy to post a message there once it's implemented, so other people can benefit too. All the best, -oo

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