Use left and right modifier keys together

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I know BTT can differentiate between left/right modifier keys, but it doesn't let me use two sides together. For example, I cannot assign an action to left-cmd + right-cmd + L key. I use Karabiner Elements for keyboard mapping, but its most recent version has a fatal bug, and if BTT had this feature, I wouldn't need KE anymore. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks! –Onur

Good idea, I think I'll be able to implement this soon - currently it's not possible though.

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Thanks for the response. That would be great. Looking forward to it! -Onur

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg. Any idea when this can be implemented? I was hoping it would be in the most recent update, but I don't think it is. Thank you. –Onur

sorry no ETA yet, I’ll need to check how to implement this in the current shortcut system, it’s a bit complicated

Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg. There's a group of us suffering from a Karabiner Elements bug, and this BBT feature, for me at least, would serve as a solution. Happy to post a message there once it's implemented, so other people can benefit too. All the best, -oo

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg. It looks like this has been implemented in the latest version. Yes! I am finally able to assign a trigger using a left-cmd + right-cmd at the same time. However, even though the app lets me do that, the keyboard visual on the left or the recorded shortcut doesn't reflect the actual key combination chosen. See the attached image, where you can see both shortcuts look the same, but the one below is actually a left-cmd+right-cmd+J, and that's how I was able to assign two different triggers to these. Works like a charm, but a bit confusing. Do you know what's causing this?

Thanks, –Onur

Just to clarify, I'm basically using this configuration to trigger cursor actions using the IJKL keys, basically simulating VIM cursor keys. And the main modifier is the right cmd key. See the image below. It works beautifully, though I'm still not sure know how. @Andreas_Hegenberg I would appreciate if you could respond. Thanks, –Onur

@Andreas_Hegenberg, bump.

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work anymore. If I assign individual actions to right-cmd + J, another to right-cmd+ left-cmd + J, when I trigger either of those I get a popup menu, so it looks like the app cannot differentiate the difference between the triggers when both cmd keys are involved

Interesting enough, this still works on the iMac I had this on. But not on a new machine where I just installed BTT. They're both the same option, so I have no idea why it would work on one machine and not on the other.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, any insight? Thanks, –Onur

Basically, I'm asking for support for this (photoshopped of course) – the ability to trigger actions with both left and right modifiers pressed at the same time. I'm willing to purchase a few extra licenses if this feature gets implemented. Seems like it could be useful for many things.

Thanks, –Onur

Not sure what's happening but today things went back to normal. I don't see that popup menu anymore. So this is nice that the app can recognize the left and right modifier actions. But it would still be great if the icons could show the difference between a left cmd and right cmd. Thanks, –Onur