Understand which gesture corresponds to which option.


How can I know which trackpad gesture corresponds to which item?
I have read that a small trackpad appears to show it but I don't see it and I don't see where to activate it.


By "item" do you mean "action"? That is, what is executed with a gesture. You can assign an action of your choice to each gesture. First choose the trigger (gesture), then the action. For example, three finger swipe up --> Mission Control.
Just try it out.

Hi Frank1,
My question is for example, what does "Rotate Left" mean, or rather what does the gesture look like?

As far as I know there is no exact explanation of how the gestures look like. Most of them are self-explanatory. I assume "Rotate Left" works with thumb and index finger rotating to the left.

Thank you very much Frank1! When I was researching to see if there was a site with all the examples, I read that there was a small trackpad where you could see the gesture when you placed yourself on the gesture. Hence the doubt.

I think it would be seen on the trackpad indicated in the image. In the link Emulate a real middle click (including dragging) with the trackpad. E.g. for CAD programs.) could you see the picture.


You are right. I think that was in an earlier version of BTT. There you could see a small animation showing the gestures ... if I remember correctly.

Yes, this is the old interface. I don't know if you can even activate it anymore.

Ahhhhh Ok, thanks for your help!!!