Umlaut on English/intl keyboard

How can I create a left-handed shortcut for umlauts on an English interntational keyboard?

The keystrokes for ü would be OPTION-u and then u again. I was not able to register that in BTT. And for a capital Ü it would even more.

Seems doable - no?

Not sure if I understand this correctly and I haven't tested this, but this should work with a key sequence and insert text (ü / Ü).

For example:

⌥+u = ü
⌥+u+u = Ü

However, if ⌥+u does something in an app, this command is also triggered, unless you set BTT to ⌥+u does nothing. I think ... :slightly_smiling_face:

Frank is correct, you would need to use key sequences, as macOS doesn't support shortcuts involving multiple key presses by default.

What I don't understand

Left hand? Opt+u?

If the right hand should be meant, however, it works exactly the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to know how you did that or share the preference set for all those umlaut and ß

Thamk you all for your help!

The default is
⌥+u u = ü
⌥+u SHIFT-u = Ü

but also
⌥+u+a = ä
⌥+u+o = ö

"Left-handed" comes from the idea that I want be able to type it without lifting my hand off the mouse. So,something like:


Also default is
OPTION+s = ß

But OPTION+u is not left-handed and not an easy solution. Even worse OPTION+o

I see. If you want to do everything with your left hand (and without modifiers), you could consider using "single key" triggers (short/long press).

a short press = a
a long press = ä

This can be done the default way, or reversed. The reversed way has the advantage that the short press actions (letters) are typed when the key is pressed.

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loving it - could you make a step by step on how to set this up

I found tastensequenz, can set the option u - but how to get it using ü is a secret for me

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