trouble understanding key sequence

If I define a key sequence, for example pressing the right ⌥ key twice to put the display to sleep, am I automatically unable to define any sequence that would start with pressing the right ⌥ key twice, followed by other keys, for example press the right ⌥ key twice followed by left control key to send a notification.
From my testing it seems that as soon as I press right ⌥ key twice, the display goes to sleep. Any subsequent key is ignored.
thanks very much

Yes that's how they work currently. As soon as a key sequence is recognized it will trigger the assigned action.

For the future I want to add an option to wait an amount of time before triggering but this is currently not available.

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thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg

I hate to contradict the boss :sweat_smile:, but what @lucas222 wants is more or less doable in two ways.

(1) If double tap ⌥ is set up like this, the action is only triggered when ⌥ is released for the second time.

If eg ⇧ is to be added after ⌥, the sequence can look like this. It is important that ⌥ is held after the second press.

(2) Or even simpler, if the time for double tap ⌥ is short (0.1 s), the action will not be executed if you double tap slower. This way, more keys can be added to the sequence.


thank you @Frank1

Of course it would be much better to have this option. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: