Triple click on MBP

Solution below isn't working for me. Have tried adding a single + double click, three single clicks, swapping order of clicks, but is not working.

Two finger tap for double click works, but unreliably.

What is the default click for Mac: Left, right, center? Maybe I am choosing wrong action.

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Partially solved (in case anyone else needs this): under Settings / Taps /
on lower right side, see a vertical slider for:
Three finger tap top and bottom range (average position of the 3 fingers).
Adjust this slider.

Still seems to be an unreliability or time delay? I have all settings set to most sensitive as possible. Any additional info would be very appreciated. This is the main feature that I'm trying to use BTT for.

Following, I too would love to know how this can be done

Can you please confirm if this is possible

I'd like to know, too.

  • I'd also like to have 4-clicks. (This is for varying levels of text selection.)

Switched to the setapp version of BTT and now the two-finger-tap works pretty reliably as a double-click. (Still can't get the others to work yet.)

Update: Turns out, it still doesn't work well in InDesign.