Touchbar Synced Lyric

I just implemented synced lyric on touchbar based on the idea of Kashi! Figured you might want this!

Here is the github link:

In case you are wondering, I crawled a Chinese music website for lyric with timestamps.

Update 08/15 2020 0.4.1:

  • Improved support for Chinese artists
  • Rainbow gradient background

Wow this looks so awesome!! Thank you!! Now to try and figure out how to put it with Goldenchaos :smiley: :smiley:

That's awesome. Will you be making a preset with this enabled?

Sadly, it requires some python package installation and I don't think it is possible to do it with a preset.

I installed this today and despite having ensured all dependencies are present I am only presented with a blank bar. Any suggestions? I am new to working with Python.

If it a blank bar, then it is likely there is no lyric for that song yet. You can try some hit songs to see if there is lyric at all. There is a recent update on the code, with which you will be able to see the title and artists along with the lyric. Hope that helps!

Hi! maxen2019
I like this software very much
Can the lyrics be converted into traditional characters?
thank you very much

That's a really good idea. I will see what I can do and get back to you ASAP

I just updated the interface, you can update the code by
pip install touchbar-lyric --upgrade
and put
at the end of the command in widget settings. Enjoy!

I'm deeply touched.THX ! !

I really want to get this to work but am having trouble, I'm not really familiar with Terminal. When I simply replace the path in the script with the path from "whereis python" I get an error saying there's no module named touchbar_lyric even though I installed it with pip and have reinstalled it a bunch...I feel like I am making some mistake with the path...any advice??

Looks like the pip and python are not a match. could you share what are the results for the following commands?

  • whereis python
  • whereis pip
  • pip list | grep touchbar

whereis python returns /usr/bin/python, whereis pip does nothing, and the third returns touchbar-lyric 0.3.6. If I do the same with python3 and pip3 then it's the same but whereis pip3 returns /usr/bin/pip3. But both python --version and python3 --version return python 3.8.5.

My default login shell is zsh but I'm assuming that doesn't matter.

Turns out "which python3" gave me the right path. It works now! Thanks!!!

Glad you find the solution. Yes which should return the active one. I should update my README too. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, I tried to follow your instruction with Python 3.10, but the touch bar did not output anything after the initial "lyric". I tried the same thing in the terminal the error says

File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/lib/python3.10/site-packages/touchbar_lyric/utility/", line 60, in get_info
ValueError: could not convert string to float: '|'

any idea what caused this error?

Can I ask what app and what song are you listening to? It looks like an incomplete song information from the music app (Apple Music or Spotify)

I am listening on Spotify premium desktop client. I tried various songs, some classic rock songs, and popular mainstream songs; I tried k-pop and c-pop as well, but none of it worked.


Can you share what is in your configuration? Especially what is in your script area in BTT. And by "Spotify premium desktop client", do you mean the app directly downloaded from Mac download - Spotify ?