Touchbar Synced Lyric

I don't think it is compatible with those apps. None of them support Applescript, meaning I cannot ask them for music information it's playing. Only Spotify and Apple music are supported.

两个软件和这个程序并不兼容,主要是因为它们都不支持Applescript, 所以我没有办法获取正在播放的音乐信息。目前只有Spotify 和Apple Music提供支持。

My config looks like this, and yes I am using the app downloaded from Spotify Mac Download

Looks like there are some compatibility issues with python 3.10. I will take a deeper look

It has been updated to 0.6.9 and it should work with python 3.10. You can run this command to upgrade the package pip3 install touchbar_lyric --upgrad.

I confirm it works after the update! Thank you very much!

can anyone tell me how to do that correctly?


You can find the correct python path by running which python. It should print something like /usr/bin/python3

Use this to update the config value so it ends up like this /usr/bin/python3 -m touchbar_lyric --app Spotify

There are 3 spaces in that value

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Can anyone help me with this installation?? thanks