TouchBar functionality

Hi! I've just purchased my BetterTouchTool! Quite happy so far! I was wondering what on earth it is doing on TouchBar as when I touch it nothing happens...


have you made your own preset? that's what you need to do. or you can download presets from other people here:
My preset: Future Preset (finally!!!)
Aquatouch: v3.5.8a -- AquaTouch -- Supports 40+ Apps, Websites, and the stock Touch Bar UI!
Caliguvara Preset: The Caliguvara Preset
GoldenChaos: GoldenChaos-BTT: The complete Touch Bar UI replacement

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Well, the updated Caliguvara Preset would be the PHoeNiX :wink:

Thanks so much! Can you just advise how to remove these widgets *.bttpreset