Touch events for WebView

i have tried touch events on webview but i coulnt get any response


tried for window, document, body and few elements

im trying to bind a function to 3 finger tap

any solution for this, thanks

sorry, I don’t think desktop webviews support on touch events, I probably won’t be able to workaround this ;-(
BTT does only support what Safari on macOS would

thanks for reply,

as an idea may be floating views can be add here

so we can send 3 finger tap or other gestures as keyboard shortcuts

here is a preview from latest SWM. it almost done

i can switch / toggle between different layouts with middle click but i couldnt with trackpad

if i can set 3 finger tap on SWM as middle click, it would be great

i checked hovered/focused ui elements details but floating view has no details on there

Good idea. I'll add a new variable to the conditional activation group (cag) variables. "currently active floating webviews" or something like that. Then you can create a CAG for your webview and assign any gestures etc. to it.


i solved temporarily like this

SWM changes variable "SWM-OP" to 1 on launch, changes to 0 on close
3 finger tap > middle finger action checks that variable for detection is SWM visible with advanced condition

but it has a serious bug. 3 finger tap stucks as middle finger if BTT crashes while using SWM (saw many times. but reduced last versions)

this will not be problem with your fix