Toggle Microphone on Google Meet

Hey guys,

in google Meet you can toggle your microphone with command+D.
I added a button with this shortcut to my touchbar.
Is there a way to

  1. toggle the icon on status (maybe with js?)?
  2. or just toggle the icon on click?
  3. and to just show the button when chrome is on url ""

Any ideas on this?
Thank you very much!


CAGs help you to display buttons only under some circumstances :smiley:

For the background color, you'd have to work with apple script, but I'm not sure about how to toggle it from one button :confused: Changing it once wouldn't be a problem, but changing it back when it was activated could be difficult.

Maybe there are some possibilities with menu items again, but I don't know at all, so I can't help you with this :confused: Skype, TeamViewer etc don't present any problem regarding this, but as is basically just a website I'm stuck hereā€¦