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how can I use BTT to change the functionality of the F1-12 keys on my Touch bar on a per app basis? I have already set the function keys to be displayed for certain apps. Now I’d like to modify the behavior of each one. Some actions could be simple, others to run scripts etc. I fell into this forum through searching. I am not a programmer etc. Thanks !


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What you describe is basically having special functions for google docs. In this case, I wouldn't recommend displaying F-Keys anymore, but a strip with what you want - only for google docs.

To do so:

  • Create a group called "google docs". Hide it (the arrow on the right) and put all the actions you want in.
  • Create a Conditional Activation Group with properties
    x Application - is - Your Browser
    x Window name - contains -
  • And at the top "All of the following are true".
    Then, add an Trigger (the rightest tab) "if CAG with name…" and as action "open group"

With this the group "" should show up as soon as you open a link, and close once you leave it.

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thanks very much for the quick reply and good suggestion!

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