Take too long to respond after waking my Mac

Happy to see BetterTouchTool gets better and better in these years. But it got too complicated for me. I found that it took a long time to respond after I wake my Mac. Basically I have to wait for about 3 seconds to start my work. Really disappointed.
I'm not sure whether this is a bug. I hope the developer could notice this. Always make sure that the basic needs are met first, like stability and speed.

It happens to me, too. I don't mind if my custom touchbar doesn't appear in the first 3 or 4 seconds, the problem for me is that everything else doesn't work (when I click, for example). It's like everything is locked until the touch bar is working. It would be great if it was fixed, but if not, I see a fair price to pay for having a custom touchbar.

Same here. There's been random freezes & crashes recently.

I thought it might have something to do with my bad GPU (I have to use my integrated CPU at all times), but this looks like at least someone else is having similar issues.

I am seeing this as well. I use option+L BTT shortcut to "sleep display". When I wake the machine, I am prompted to log back in as expected. However, once I log in, my system is frozen(mouse and keyboard unresponsive). Before and during the freeze I've noticed that the BTT menu icon isn't in the menu you bar during this freeze, and immediately after the freeze, it returns as if BTT is reloading. This happens every time I wake the machine either from sleep or just the display being off.

If I quit out of BTT and use the MacOS built-in lock screen shortcut, and return, this issue is not present. This is not a very accurate test to prove that its BTT as the MacOS shortcut is simply locking the screen, not shutting down the display and locking the screen.

I checked the console logs and there are a bunch of errors coming out of BetterTouchTool that seem like they are network related, in reference to localhost? If it would be helpful I could create a youtube video with my phone to show this entire process. I can also provide the console log output for BetterTouchTool.

BTT Version: 2.741 (1051), though this issue has been happening in older versions, I updated simply to see if this issue was fixed in newer versions of BTT.

System Software Overview:

System Version: macOS 10.14.4 (18E226)
Kernel Version: Darwin 18.5.0
Boot Volume: Macintosh HD
Boot Mode: Normal
Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled
System Integrity Protection: Enabled

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 2.6 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 3 MB
Memory: 16 GB
Boot ROM Version:
SMC Version (system): 2.16f68

Macintosh HD:

Available: 204.66 GB (204,662,751,232 bytes)
Capacity: 500.07 GB (500,068,036,608 bytes)
Mount Point: /
File System: APFS
Writable: Yes
Ignore Ownership: No
BSD Name: disk1s1
Physical Drive:
Device Name: APPLE SSD SM0512F
Media Name: AppleAPFSMedia
Medium Type: SSD
Protocol: PCI
Internal: Yes
Partition Map Type: Unknown
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified


Takes about ten seconds for me using my AquaTouch preset. I notice it freezes while BTT is trying to launch itself and all the widgets are loading, then unfreezes after they’re all loaded.

Do we have an update regarding this issue?
I'm using the GoldenChaos preset and every time I unlock my session, BTT loads the preset (which takes 2-3 seconds).

I don't mind either waiting this to load but in the meantime, trackpad and keyboard seem unresponsive or hang the whole system as well... and that is the annoying part.

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Software author answers the question in the above linked post. However, its causing a full system wide freeze.

In v3.102 alpha you can try to activate this, which might make restarts a bit faster:

I have activated that option, but it takes 1,2 mimutes while btt restarting.
It is too slow to start.
Rebooting is solution, but I cannot reboot everytime.
please help me.

I have tried this option, but still the short freeze after awake.

We do realize that BTT restarts after wake from sleep(or from lock),

but the problem is that it freezes mac for short 2~3 secs until BTT restarts(cursor can move, but cannot click, scroll, etc).

Is this a bug or an inevitable consequence?

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it's a macOS bug, however I have never seen it in any of my machines. (normal apps should never be able to freeze the system ever).

Maybe that's a conflict with some other app. I believe it's related to the accessibility api, possibly check what other apps are using that (system preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy ->Accessibility)

Thanks for the reply.
I guess it has something to do with BTT because if I quit btt,
no such problem occur.

I've tried disabling all other app's accessibility except BTT,
but no luck, problem still occurs :frowning:

Maybe sth to do with configuration in BTT?
It's weird that some users encounter this problem while others don't.
I'm using macbook pro 2018 13inch, with Mojave 10.14.5

Would it be beneficial to gather console logs from right before, during the freeze, and right after things return to normal?

Should be less than thirty seconds worth of logs for most of us.

Logs probably won't help. I think in theory I know whats causing the issue but there is not much BTT can do about it.

I'm trying something with the latest alpha (delaying some setup stuff to possibly trick the system). Would be great if you'd test that (v3.111)

I deleted btt files with appcleaner.
And install again.
From now, there is no freezing.

Did you reuse your config after the reinstall or configure everything from scratch?

I used bttpreset file.

Ok so I followed in your footsteps, and I no longer have the system hang anymore upon unlocking my machine.

I did the following.

  1. Went into BTT and backed up my preset.
  2. Located my license file.
  3. Deleted BetterTouchTool.app from /Applications or you can do brew cask uninstall bettertouchtool
  4. Deleted ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool
  5. Deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool.plist
  6. In a terminal, brew cask reinstall bettertouchtool or you can just download and copy BetterTouchTool.app into your /applications folder
  7. Launched bettertouchtool.app and applied my license.
  8. Loaded my preset back in and made it the master, and deleted the default empty preset.

I can now use my keyboard shortcut to sleep my display, and when I unlock, I no longer get the system hang issue from before. I also do NOT see BTT restarting in the menu bar anymore, either. ¯\(ツ)

Interesting! (BTT will still restart, but possibly it's so much faster now that it's not noticable anymore)

In case anybody else encounters this issue, please send a copy of the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder to andreas@folivora.ai before deleting it, maybe I can find any specific configuration that is related to this.

Unfortunately, it occurs today morning. :frowning:
Maybe it occur after two or three times long sleep & wake up.
It is 3rd day after re-install.
Last week, when I reboot mac, there is no freezing with 2~3 days.

I could not capture ,because my keyboard and trackpad were freezing