Take too long to respond after waking my Mac

I send my folder zip file. please help me :cry:

no more freeze after installing the helper tool in advanced option. I did not reinstall BTT,
guys try installing the helper tool.

It is useless for me :cry:

After the latest 3.167 update,
the issue occurs again even with the helper on :frowning:
After the wake from lock,
as btt restarts the 2 sec freeze

In my case, over 1 minute freeze

3.178 alpha (available in a few minutes) now enables a new "no restart after sleep" option. Let's see how that works :slight_smile: (check for alpha updates)

Holy this works perfectly fine,
no more stuttering after wake from lock at least(didn't test from sleep).
Though one question, any cons to not enabling restart BTT after wake from sleep in basic settings?

not sure yet, I made many small changes to make this work, but I hope it won’t have any negative effects.


will report back if any issues occur.

This is really good now,

Thanks for immediate support

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