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Hey! I tried using Macs native three finger swipe to switch between apps, but this only works with fullscreen apps, which I rarely use. Is there any way to make the bettertouchtool switch between apps? As far as I know theres two keybinds for this, command + tab and command + shift + tab, but the first one only switches between two apps and the latter only goes to one direction of open tabs. I would like functionality like in iOS where swiping left gives one app and swiping right gives another.

Small rectification
For sure they will switch only between two apps, as the second one will become the frontmost app, while the app which was frontmost for now becomes the second one..

Maybe via AppleScript, not sure though :man_shrugging:t4:

Alternative would be something like:
Two finger double tap โ†’ show application switcher
Three finger tap โ†’ "enter"
The two finger tab would show the app switcher, you can scroll through it easily, a three finger swipe down brings the app up.

Other alternative: create special gestures for your most important apps (for me, just a two finger swipe starting outside the trackpad brings four important apps up at any time).

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Hey, thanks for the help!

I find it weird that there's no native solution for this. With iOS its very intuitive to just keep swiping between apps. Why Apple forces the apps to be in fullscreen for this to work is beyond me. I dislike fullscreen apps as I can't see my menu bar.

I currently have a three finger swipe up to open mission control, which is great. I just wish I could have this and the functionality in my first post.

The native solution could be cool too:
Hold โŒ˜. Each time you hit โ‡ฅ you will move one app further in the list.

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Just found this thread again, maybe this helps you: