Stream Deck Plugin keeps hanging multiple times a day

I'm sorry to report this as a general bug, but the streamdeck plugin is becoming unresponsive multiple times a day.

If I re-start the Streamdeck application, then the BTT buttons re-engage.

The issue affects all the buttons, but it is particularly noticeable where it affects the Clock widget. The image on the button freezes instead of failing. This means that the clock is unreliable for its main purpose.

It is a Mac M1 Silicon Ventura. It is the 1.0.0 plugin. It was happening before the recent Streamdeck software updates, and it is happening often now. I reinstalled the plugin, still finding the same behaviour. I am not using "Full Control" because I need other widgets that are not likely to be replicable in the full control environment.

A possible small improvement would be to have the buttons show they are not connected to a live instance of BTT when the connection drops. (This is not ideal, but it would let me know when I had to re-start to get the clock and buttons working).

A more structural fix is probably making the plugin re-set itself more, or whatever would make it not fail?

The other plugins on the deck are not failing in the same way, or at the same time as when the BTT plugin drops out. Or they are resetting themselves in a way that the BTT plugin isn't.

unfortunately it’s an issue with the Stream Deck software (in plugin mode, full control mode doesn’t have these issues), as the BTT use case is quite special it works differently than other plugins, and the Stream Deck software is missing one important api function that would resolve this. I’ll try to contact their devs, it would be very easy for them to add such an API call.

I think the issue happens mostly if BTT is quit and started again, or if it relaunches.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was tracking it to see if it was based on any "waking from sleep". Unfortunately, I am seeing hanging states more than once a day, during active sessions where nothing is going to sleep. I don't know, maybe BTT is restarting itself in the background.

On a side note, I think having a stable plug-in would be great for your visibility to the people who have Steamdecks, but have never heard of BTT. Right now it is great for people already in your orbit. There will always be some people who can't do full control. I hope you have good luck with the other developers. (I'm sure you know all this, I thought I'd share the thought)

yes, once the plug-in mode is stable, I’ll release it to the stream deck store

I'm running into this as well. I ALSO thought it was related to sleep, but it's definitely not doesn't appear to be. I have a Stream Deck XL, so I currently just have a button set to kill the BTT plugin... it works sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really really like the integration, though, and hope it can get to be more stable -- and I'm definitely available to send logs / do tests / etc

I have posted in the official Stream Deck subreddit: (11) Ability to reconnect : StreamDeckSDK (

If possible, maybe upvote that post.

I'm not on Reddit, so I can't upvote that post, but Elgato DOES have a fairly active Discord here. It's... not always super helpful, at least for macOS, but it's something.

Good idea! I'll try that.

Any luck with this? Before SD 6.0 came out, I had a little script that would kill the BTTStreamDeck process, and then that automatically restarted, but it seems like that isn't working anymore. (I put a button on the Stream Deck to run the script, so every once in a while I could just mash that and my BTT buttons would work again :joy:)