Stream Deck ⌘Command modifier key not working.

I'm trying to use a Stream Deck to emulate regular modifier keys for graphic software like Figma. My goal is to hold these keys and perform actions with the mouse and other buttons to draw symmetrical objects, straight lines, copy instances, etc.

I've managed to get Shift, Option, and Control to work partially. Partially, because I can only use one modifier at a time, not combinations like Shift+Option.

The problem is that I'm doing the same macros with the ⌘Command key and it doesn't work.

There's also a small bug I've encountered, detailed here: stream deck beta: changing the 'activate on key up' named trigger - #2 by Valeo_Private. When selecting "Additionally execute a named trigger on key up" and leaving the configuration page, it reverts to the previous option instead of saving the new choice. I fixed this by toggling the "Trigger named trigger on long press" checkbox on and off, which seems to save the setting. I've added videos to demonstrate.

Feature request:
Make normal modifier keys for Stream Deck that would behave like the ones on a keyboard. For now the only 2 options are SuperMacro (which works solely on Win) and BetterTouchTool, which is the solo option for Mac that works partially.

I'll switch the stream deck up/down/long press triggers to the new system that's easier to configure (and doesn't require named triggers) next week:

Your cmd issue and the only partial working is weird. Combining multiple modifier down / up actions should work fine - I'm using that with trackpad gestures. In what kind of app are you trying to use these modifiers?
I'm currently traveling and don't have the Stream Deck with me but I'll check next week.