"Start (window) Move" on trackpad doesn't seem to work

I'm new to BTT and am trying to approximate a gesture I use from old out-of-development app called Flexiglass. It has one killer feature for my use: the ability to drag a window from anywhere using (N-finger move plus optional modifier key(s)). For example, I have it configured so that Option + Two-finger drag (no click!) moves the window under the cursor, regardless of whether it's topmost or not.

With BTT, I've been able to partially recreate that with Force Trackpad triggers, e.g. Two-finger Click and the action Toggle Start/Stop Move. I'd really like to be able to just terminate the move by lifting off of the trackpad, and was hoping that Start Moving would do the trick. So far in my testing, I'm unable to get the Start Moving action to do anything with a variety of force trackpad gestures.

My questions:

First, is it possible to achieve my aim above of initiating a window move with a trackpad trigger, and terminate it just by lifting off?

Second, I feel like I'm not understanding something about how Start/Stop Moving work, given that I haven't been able to get those to do anything with trackpad triggers. I'd love to understand what's going on here.

Looks like another user had trouble with a very similar Start Moving use case as well, but got no answers to their issue: Using 3 Finger Click to trigger Start Moving Window with Magic Trackpad vs Magic Mouse

Can you try this preset:
three finger click window move.bttpreset (2.6 KB)

There seems to be a bug with the "start moving" action when triggered from a gesture. For now it should work when using the "Toggle Start/Stop Moving" action instead.
In this preset the move is started with a three finger click, however macOS blocks moving the cursor while 3 fingers are touching, so you'll need to remove two of your fingers after starting the move.