Single-finger single force-click in Parallels VM to work the same as on Mac?

Here's my conundrum: I have my Mac configured so that under "Trackpad" -> "Point & Click" -> "Look up & data detectors", I am using "Force click with one finger".

That works great if I am working with MacOS. I force-click with a single finger and I get the desired action, which is for the Mac to bring up context aware features. This means, most of the time, the dictionary definition of a word, or the wikipedia definition of that term etc. You get the picture. It works perfectly as long as I stay in the Mac world.

It just so happens that I also use Parallels Desktop to run a Windows 10 VM. Whenever I try the same single finger force click on any application running on the VM and lift my finger after the single finger force click, the Mac (or rather, the VM) selects the entire paragraph. I figured out that the VM is interpreting the single finger force-click+lift finger as a triple-click, which is not what the Mac does. I tried to see if I could use BTT to intercept the single-finger force-click to simply use the "Look up & data detectors" by configuring "single finger FORCE click" to "Look Up Word Under Cursor" but the behavior in the VM remains the same.

I understand this is much more of a Parallels/Windows issue, and not an issue at all with BTT, but I was wondering if there is a way to use BTT to prevent this issue I am having with Parallels. Possible? TIA either way. :slight_smile:
P.S. For the record: if I perform the single finger force click and do not lift my finger, in other words, if I never release my finger and keep pressing hard, I do get the context aware functionality, but the minute I release the pressure the entire paragraph gets selected and I lose the context box. Help appreciated, if possible. Tks!