Simple Window Manager - SWM

Hi Andreas. I already had it set correctly to "Focused Window."


I am running Big Sur 11.1.

I made this change in the file SWM-20200710-10.html and now it works as it should. So happy!

Is it okay to keep that change? Will it break anything else to have the change?

@drdannysands actually SWM-20200710-10.html is a backup file of previous version. SWM.html is main file for preset. did you change anything on it? i will add andreas's suggestion to main post if that fixed all problems


im using activate window under cursor before activating floating window, maybe this one causing problem or not working on big sur.

im still on mojave and waiting for less buggy version. i will continue to develop after upgrading. im planning to add vertical monitor support and sixths on next versions

I’ll have a look!

That's strange. I didn't change anything in the file swm.html because the block you described was not in that code. I searched for "mission" and came up blank.

And I already had the correct setting so Andreas' suggestion did not make a difference.

I decided to delete and do a clean reinstall of SWM. I did it and everything now works as it is supposed to. Sorry about that.

When you add more positioning options, please add vertical thirds, which I'd find very useful.

Thanks again!

I've got the latest Logitech MX Keys. Somehow, the fn key on this keyboard is not registering anything on OSX. I've logged a report with Logitech.

However in the mean time, how do I change the fn-w trigger button to work with another trigger key?

Appreciate some pointers on that. Thank you.

@zipitup you can change swm shortcut from here

Thank you!

Hi I'm checking in on this. I realize that SWM correctly works on the current window except when the current window is on a second display. Then it only affects the window that is on the primary display. I have tried updating BTT and deleting and reinstalling SWM but this behavior is consistent.

Am I missing something? What can I do to make it affect the current window?

I recently installed a much bigger second display so I really need this to work.

Thank you.


@drdannysands basic functions should work secondary monitors, i remember i was tested on my 32'' 2K monitor. Current versions of swm uses bettertouchtool's built-in functions for window management.
do u use m1 or intel mac?

@Andreas_Hegenberg any change on window management api?

also i'm trying to add custom ratios for future versions of swm with applescript, but they only work for primary monitor atm also it works slow

is that possible to add new function for custom window management, here is few ideas


x & y :splits monitor resolution with second number then places window to area with first number
m: current window or monitor number

these will be cool

Sorry for delayed response--was out of town.

This occurs with my M1 Mac. I also have an Intel Mac and it seems to work on that.

Looks like a great feature to have; sadly doesn't seem to work any more, or at least not on MacOS Monterey on MBP M1x

The little window shows when I right click the yellow dot on the window, but none of the buttons for "Window.." "Halves.." "Quarters".. etc.. do anything. Only one that does is the screenshot (camera button right)

Updated first post with 0.5 release


  • New - double click on title bar reworked. it can restore window size on full size windows or can fill screen if window smaller then screen size (much more like how Windows 7/8/10 works). Also it can exit windows from full screen / split screen modes. Tip You have to double click on top edge on some apps. Title bar and toolbar are separate things some native apps
  • New - UI is scrollable now to show more options
  • New - Added Horizontal Thirds, 3x2, 2x3, 3x3 sizes
  • New - Partially multi monitor support with BTT actions
  • New - Keyboard shortcuts for horizontal thirds. Cmd + 1, Cmd + 2 ..
  • New - SWM uses system appearance ( dark / light ) and accent color now
  • New - New donation types added to first post
  • Improvement - Move to next space creates a new space automatically if you dont have one
  • Improvement - SWM window automatically closes after you move cursor to outside of UI
  • Improvement - You can find SWM settings on Named & Other Triggers
  • Improvement - You can change resize factor ( px ) for window resize at SWM settings
  • Improvement - You can hide tooltips at SWM settings. Change true to false
  • Knowns Issues - Align function leaves blank space near dock
  • Updated future plans

@Small "Halves.." "Quarters" uses predefined btt actions they should work, i guess i have to upgrade monterey for more testing, can you test latest one

@drdannysands does 3x2, 2x3, 3x3 functions works as expected on this release as you mentioned before

The video demo with the additional window positions looks great. I uninstalled old and installed new version, hoping that it would work as designed. But still when I have two windows open, one on each monitor, the repositioning does not occur on the active window, just the latest. Even if I have recently acted on the older window I can't get SWM to reposition the current window. The only situation in which it operates on the correct window is if both are on the same display monitor.

@yw4z Don't know if you're still working on this or not lol but all of the predefined ones work fine, but nothing above them


which version of macos you use?

apple changes how split screen works in every version, i guess i have to remove them
also i couldnt find enough documentation for move next/previous space, but they are working for me atm (im using big sur)
also move to next monitor should work fine if you have an secondary monitor, displays a dialog if you dont have one
window screenshot should work on all versions

12.3 Monterey. Just checked again and it's actually all of the ones with "resize" in their names that don't work. The split and align options worked, and all of the newer ones towards the bottom of the scroll bar work too

@Khalil_abuhassan they should work if other ones works, because they work with same code with different cordinates, do you use m1 or multi monitor setup ?

Hi @yw4z, thank you for providing such an amazing tool!
There are two issues that I have encountered so far.

I'm using M1 macbook pro with external monitor(s).
And here are the two issues I've encountered:

  • doublecliccking titlebar does not work properly.. it seems to keep maximizing and restore immediately to the original size. However, I've noticed in your later post that another feature which seems to be the same by double clicking the top left of the window seems to work just fine. Are they somehow having some sort of conflicting behavior? Or am I understanding this feature incorrectly.
  • In a window, if I left click and immediately right click, it will actually maximize the window. This seems to be a bug.

Other than the two issues mentioned above, this preset has been amazing for me.

title bar feature not working on some windows, its related with some devs not using native title bar (chromium browsers, electron apps etc.). Also BTT or macOS saves window size history, so if there is no stored window size for restore function SWM tries to resize window to %50 of screen. i guess i couldnt much about this, SWM features limited with BTT and Applescripts
i couldnt replicate second one. but why you would like that :slight_smile: