Sidecar support!

Please add sidecar support!

you mean for the Touch Bar?
Unfortunately that’s currently not possible as Apple changed how the side car Touch Bar works in the final Catalina versions - it is now some weird display and app-specific Touch Bar that only shows if apps are active on the side car display.

Would be great if everybody who wants BTT working on Side Car would file a bug/feature request with Apple which requests that Side Car should just mirror the main Touch Bar. No need to mention BTT. (it was working beautifully in the betas)

Andreas, where can we report issues to Apple?
I mean, as non-devs, they don't even allow us to review MacOS properly other than a silly 5 star review in the App Store.

Can you point us to the right direction?

Ugh. This sucks. I'm pretty sure they changed it in order to make it size-independent for different iPads.

I wonder if you could take advantage of this @Andreas_Hegenberg, and make a process that is just always running frontmost on the sidecar display, hijacking the behavior?


Andreas, any update on whether the Sidecar Touch Bar could work with BTT? I found Feedback Assistant but don't know how best to complete it. (That site mentions iOS or macOS Feedback Assistant apps, but I couldn't find them in the App Stores.) I just got a new MacBook Pro (with no Touch Bar) and am missing my old MBP’s Touch Bar with BTT. For others less familiar with this issue, I have included a few screenshots to clarify.