Apple Sidecar Touch Bar successfully commands BTT but BTT does not appear in Sidecar's Touch Bar

Here we go, Apple Sidecar.

I tested the hell out of it, it's cool and it actually works for once.

Now, BTT seems to have an odd behaviour with it, explained below, I think it's a BUG rather than a misusage.
Correct me if wrong...

  1. If you have BTT active in a vanilla mode (is open always, few buttons etc configured). Make sure you have few buttons visible only when Command is pressed!
  2. Then open Sidecar either in sync or separate screen (you need an iPad for this)
  3. Make sure your Sidecar is configured to show the touch bar
  4. Check the BTT is not replacing Sidecar's TouchBar at all, instead, native Apple touch bar is used
  5. Press the sidecar's sidebar "Command" button to see that your actual BTT in the mac, reacts to that!
  6. Use the sidecar's Touchbar to actually do things on your mac: works as well, EVEN if on your mac the actual BTT is removing those features just used in the sidecar's touch bar.

I guess there will be some updates coming?

Other than that BTW BTT+Catalina seems to do just fine.
Better than before, I feel more battery and until now, touch wood, no crashes.

Would be cool we could use BTT to also customize to the sidecar's touchbar...

Have a look here: Sidecar support!

I'd love to support it (and until beta 5 sidecar worked beautifully with BTT), but currently I don't know of a way to prevent the "app-specific" nature of the Sidecar Touch Bar.

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