Sibelius TouchBar Preset

I mainly designed this Touch Bar as a replacement for the numeric keypad. Since there is not one on the MacBook Sibelius has long been nearly impossible to use on it. I also threw in tons of extra functionality as well
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—How To Install—

  1. Download latest version of BetterTouchTool:

  2. Download Preset:

  3. Match Settings to my Screenshots


Add These Key Commands to Sibelius

Cmd shift alt ctr F fermata

Cmd shift alt ctr P Pedal


-Hold Shift To bring up extra functions such as beaming, grace notes, and Lines.

Long Presses

-Long Press Tempo for Tempo options

-Long Press E for expression to get dynamic markings!

Good Luck hope all works well on this first go! please feel free to leave suggestions and comments!

Hey, I'm brand new to this piece of software but wanted to thank you for this tool which i've got working wonderfully.

Only issue is that the default touch bar didn't come up when I pressed control but that was easily fixable. Just wondered if that was an issue in the original or a bug in the version I downloaded.


Glad you are getting good use out of it! hmm that's strange, not sure why. mind telling me how you fixed it?

This is awesome!!! Thank you very much. It's working perfectly for me, including the control option to show the default touch bar.

As a note, the fermata shortcut is found in the "Keypad (articulations)" category, and pedal in the "Line styles" one.

Glad you like it!
Thanks for the note :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for sharing, I didn't quite get how to use the tempo and dynamics functions..

Hey no problem! just hold your finger down on the tempo or dynamic buttons.